Axon Optics Migraine Glasses, natural relief

I live in my Axon Optics indoor glasses.  Axon Optics made my What to buy a Migraine sufferer list.  Check out my review and more ideas on how to find relief naturally.  

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*This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you buy and click from this post I will be compensated by the  affiliate.  This in no way alters my opinion and I only recommend things I use.  I use these often!  I was given a pair to review and have used them often since.

Natural Relief

Before I had children I was a special education teacher.  The years after college; I was teaching, coaching, tutoring, and getting my Master’s degree.  That was all? ha.  At this point my migraines became chronic and pretty much elevated to a new level.  Stress, lack of sleep, noise levels and inconsistent diet triggered me daily.

Along with these were the lights!  I taught in very harsh florescent lighting during the day, coached in a bright gym and sat in front of a computer doing homework or lesson plans.  My eyes were so stressed that I sat in the dark during my free period and had the monitor brightness turned as low as possible.  I didn’t have a smart board at that time but if I had worked with one, I know I would have been pained every time I used it.

This was all before I was given a pair of Axon Optics to review.

I wish so desperately that at that time I had Axon Optics migraine glasses.  They have FL-41 lenses that block  blue-green light which was developed to reduce sensitivity to fluorescent lighting.  They sell a range of products that can fit many eyewear needs.  I found working with the Axon Optics staff easy and simple.  I appreciate this greatly!

I now use them to blog (I’m wearing them now!) and when my photophobia is heightened (which is everywhere!).

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Check them out….. Shop our best-selling migraine relief glasses and sungasses.



Yoga pants, being a mom and sporting my pretty (in Nina B Roze)


TGIF with Nina b. Roze.  This fitness apparel line is my favorite to sport my pretty, work out and relax in.  They are featured in our Migraine Gift Guide and have offered a discount using code: Sarah15  for 20% off your order!!! Treat yourself or someone you love with comfort, workout inspiration, and athletic wear that can be slept in or worn on the go.  I’ll be wearing Nina B. Roze to my workout today! (It’s been a tough migraine week and getting some yoga and stretching in is going to feel great!)

I need clothes that make me feel good and look good while living a dirty busy active life.  Here comes the exciting news!  I have been asked to be a Nina B. Roze ambassador!!!  This post for Nina B Roze contains an affiliate link. I will be  compensated if you choose to buy and use the coupon code but all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Check out her amazing apparel here.  Use the code Sarah15 for 20% off your order.

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December is here and so come the shopping days.  There will be more product reviews to come all month, take advantage of the discount codes and shop from home!


Shirt and sports bra by Nina B. Roze

I feel like there is a stigma about moms in yoga pants.  I’m not new to stigma being a migraine sufferer so whatever.  I wear yoga pants when I’m not in yoga and I say it loud and proud.  Yes, I pick my daughter up from school, then go to the grocery store and maybe Target.  I’m the stereotypical stay at home mom holding down a household, a family and putting my looks low on my list.  But why do I need to dress up to avoid judgmental looks or feel “pretty”?  Here’s why I wear athletic gear when I’m not being athletic.

1.        My kids

Example:  I’m washing lunch dishes, “Excuse me, did you just wipe your mouth on my leg when you walked by?”

 “No mom, I blew my nose.” 

Dry clean only clothes aren’t good with boogers or any other bodily fluids that I am exposed to every day.

Example 2:  I play Barbies, trucks, puzzles, and more on the floor.  I need clothes that don’t allow my booty to hang out.  My clothes need to move since I move.  I’m not sitting at a desk, I’m climbing playground equipment, riding bikes and getting dirty.

Example 3:  I’m sorry to say it, but I’ve had two children and it’s more comfortable to be in clothes that stretch.  I don’t want to feel disappointed every day because I can’t fit into clothes that don’t fit or look the way they used to.  I want to wear what’s comfortable and not be restricted by jeans that are too tight or a top that might creep up and show my stomach.  I need comfort, wash ability, and something that inspires me to work out.

2.       Work out inspiration

If I’m ready to go workout, I’m more likely to do it.  If I’m wearing makeup and look nice, the chances of me trying to fit in a workout are less likely.  If I’m dressed and ready to go, I’m more likely to find 20 minutes in my day to do something.  If I have a chance to walk around the block to clear my mind by myself I’m taking it and I don’t have time to spare.  A bit dramatic, but you get what I mean.

 3. My migraines

Life is exhausting!  I battle migraines and pain constantly.  I wear comfortable clothes because being sick and uncomfortable isn’t something I want to do.  If I get a chance to sit or lay down, I just want to be comfortable.  While I’m curled up in a ball and battling a migraine I don’t want any restrictions. 

So basically, I need clothes that make me feel good and look good while living a dirty busy active life.  Here comes the exciting news!  I have been asked to be a Nina B. Roze ambassador!!!  This post for Nina B Roze contains an affiliate link. I will be  compensated if you choose to buy and use the coupon code but all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Check out her amazing apparel here.  Use the code Sarah15 for 20% off your order.

Nina is a designer based and made out of Los Angeles.  I love that!  She started her company out of her mom’s garage and wants to inspire women to live healthy and active lifestyles through her designs.  The fabrics are really comfortable and I feel great about representing her brand.  Her motto is “sport your pretty.”  What a great idea!  Just because I’m busy and active doesn’t mean I can’t be pretty.  I think her workout clothes are so cute and I plan to sport my pretty in more than just the gym.  Sorry stigma, I can be comfortable, sporty, and still be pretty.

What I like so much about the Nina B Roze brand is that she believes all of us are pretty.  I am far from a sportswear model!  I have chronic migraines and suffer a lot.  I have days I can’t get out of bed which is not what you expect from someone being an ambassador of fitness apparel.  In fact, the day I took this hike, I was up for 3 hours prior to going icing, medicating and fighting a migraine.  I am real, I am addicted to sugar and my favorite cuisine is bar food.  I try to live a balanced life the best I can and start each day with the perspective that I’m going to do my best and that’s all I can do.  You’ll see me being me.  And guess what?  I can sport pretty too.  I like that Nina sees my beauty although my health is not perfect, my diet is a bit of a mess and I may have boogers on my pants.


After hiking, we had a farm to table lunch.  Of course we walked around the grounds with a milkshake.  It’s all about balance!


Thank you for making me feel pretty when sometimes I see my pain and it’s hard to look past.  Thank you for asking me to be a part of a community that I may not traditionally fit into but am happy to be in.


Feeling the love in hearted drape top


Sport your pretty here! And don’t forget to use code Sarah15 for an extra 20% off your purchase.

What to Buy a Migraine Suffer


Sometimes you need to look at yourself and see the magic that resides inside you and your support team

Migraine, Chronic Illness and Self Care Wish List

Self Care is so important!  Whether you suffer from migraines, another illness, or just need a little TLC, this guide is for you.  Treat yourself,  a loved one and try something that will hopefully make you or them feel better; mind, body and soul!  All of these products I use and love to treat My Migraine Life in a preventative and restorative way.  I hope you enjoy!


Vegan food delivery (Cleveland and Akron areas)

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FullSizeRender (4)Nina B. Roze

Work out apparel

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Axon Optics

Migraine glasses


Headache Hat

Ice therapy hat or headband…My all time favorite product!!!!

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Organic Aromas

Diffuser and essential oils



Gift box

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OmHoliday15 (15% purchase) 



Migraine glasses


IMG_7300 (1)



Aromatherapy bath products and smelling beads


ChronicAlly box

Subscription gift box


I will be posting REVIEWS, DISCOUNTS, and GIVEAWAYS throughout the month.  Some reviews may contain affiliate links and ALL of them I use and only recommend because they help me in My Migraine Life journey!!!  Stay tuned via facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest









I will be posting reviews, DISCOUNTS, and GIVEAWAYS throughout the month.  Some reviews may contain affiliate links and ALL of them I use and only recommend because they help me in My Migraine Life journey!!!  Stay tuned via facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest

Thankfuls to remember and add to

Thank you to everyone who participated in sharing your thankfuls during the month of November.  Here are a few that I hope to look back on during the year to be remind of how much there is to be grateful for!  Please feel free to comment and add on to our list.

“I want to thank you for opening up about your journey.  To find you and to know you can function as a mother, human being and to love life even after 25 years has been so encouraging.  I have not found this before.  But when I have read your blog I feel there is hope as a mother, a nurse and wife.  Thank you in many ways!”

“I’m so happy you made this post!  I think you have the most amazing positive attitude by always seeking out the good things in life despite the pain!  I am exceedingly thankful for the love of my son and two little bunnies who cuddle with me when I need to be touched.  I am thankful that I am able to live near the ocean and travel there to feel the healing power of nature when I need it most.  And I’m thankful for the empowering influence of woman like you on the internet!”

“I am thankful I found your blog!  I think you may be my migraine twin.  As I read your posts, it is like I wrote them.  I am a year older than you but have not had a baby yet, mostly because I am terrified of migraines during pregnancy.  It is encouraging to hear your stories.  Thanks for posting!”

“Thank you for sharing this!   I can relate 100%.   I am thankful for my pain and who I have become because of it.”

“I opened up two gifts this morning, my eyes.  I’m grateful for that.”

“I’m thankful to be alive.  A dear friend is in her final days….each moment spent with her is a reminder of how precious life is, even when living with pain.”

“I am thankful I have great friends that are here to celebrate with me even though we only see each other a few times a year.”

“I am thankful for a full day here and there without a migraine.  I cherish those and makes me more grateful for a pain free day.”

“The roof over my head.  My family and friends that I’m able to advocate for myself and others.”

“I am thankful that I still have my mom alive at 91.  And I am very thankful for my grandchildren.”

“I am thankful for a peaceful room and my medication when I have migraines”

“Bless you for your kind caring heart!”

I am thankful for:

“Loving partner, family friends, warm bed, and migraine awareness spread.”

“My fiancé, my family, good doctors (there are so few).”


“Your blog posts that make me cry”

“Waking up and eating”

“Food, husband, kids, best friend.”


“Sow gratitude. Reap. Joy”

What are you thankful 





Chronic Illness Bloggers Holiday 11 Prize Pack Giveaway

Today is the day!

The BIG BIG GIVEAWAY is now ready to be entered!

I have teamed up with over 50 chronic illness bloggers to give away thousands of dollars of prizes!!!! 11 Prize Packs, each with a value between $400 and $600 is ready to be given away!   2 of the Prize Packs are available only to US-based winners.  As winners are chosen at random, if a non-US- based winner is chosen for one of the US-only prize packs the winner will have the option to either have the prizes shipped to a US address of their choosing or to forfeit the prize. Enter below….

Many of the products I have tried and love and some I’d love to win for myself!  This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you buy something I recommend, I get credit for referring you.  Here’s the list of prize packs.  Take a look and enter to win here!

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The giveaway will run from Nov. 23 – Dec 3, 2016.

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Major giveaway starting tomorrow!!

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Tomorrow is the launch of a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!! 

This month, I’m working on giveaways, a holiday list of what to buy a Migraine or Chronic Illness sufferer and many reviews of my favorite products with discounts and more!!!!  It’s going to be a month filled with prizes, products and ways to love yourself and someone who suffers. 
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I look forward to spoiling the winners, treating my readers with discounts and giving back love in  as many ways as I can.  
I appreciate you so much for reading, following, responding, sharing, and spreading  My Migraine Life’s positivity and journey through chronic illness.  Without you, this blog and mission would not exist!!!!!!!

Weather Swings and Migraine

I wish weather swings were as fun as real swings.  The way my kids laugh going up and down, back and forth looks fun.  Instead, the temperature goes up and down making my head sway back and forth.  Weather is a huge trigger for me!   Living in Cleveland is not ideal for this!  From what I’ve read, it happens most places though, so I’m not going to blame it fully on location.

On Friday it was over 70 degrees and sunny.  I got a chance to take a long beautiful walk. 24 hours later the ground was covered in snow and I was tortured by the shift.!  So there goes my head.  The barometric pressure squeezes me like a vice.  I have a barometer in my kitchen but I don’t pay any attention to it because I am triggered before it registers.

The wind and hail against my windows gave me generalized pain EVERYWHERE.  The migraine, my joints, my stomach, the fatigue all revolved around the weather.  I’m so much better when it just stays the same.

So how do I stop the weather?  I’ve never been able to figure that one out.  I have no ideas on how to even prepare for the swings when I know it is coming.  I don’t like to take meds to prevent them because I would be doing that several times a day with the amount of triggers I have and the pain state I live.  So how do help myself during the swings?  I drink lots of water, keep my rescue meds close by, eat anti inflammatory foods, stay on my sleep schedule, try to take stress in stride and continue to do what I can to brace the not so fun swing I’m about to ride.

How do you deal with weather swings and shifts?