Fairy tale character that best describes me with Migraine

Being that I have a 4 year old that lives, eats, sleeps and breathes princesses I have a lot of fairy tales fresh in my mind.  When we play, I usually am the villain.  I’m not the villain because I’m the bad guy, but because my dog is the horse, my son is the prince and I am always left to be the villain.  So to allow myself to be the princess is a treat.

I have to say that reliving all of the stories that I so truly loved as a child has made me think of the stories that we tell our children.  It usually is a girl that is unfortunate in some way, preyed upon by someone close to her, and only rescued by a man to sweep her into the sunset. Plus, why is it necessary to have so much death involved? I have a lot of qualms about all of this, but I digress.

I guess the character that would best describe me, when it comes to my migraines is Snow White.  Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sickest one of all?  Well I guess that’s me.  She is just happy living her simple life (even though cooking and cleaning may not be her dream come true, she’s still happy).  Behind her lurks the evil queen who is out to destroy her life….my migraines.

When she leaves to live with the seven dwarfs she has found her family.  When the evil queen comes to poison her the animals furiously protect her and then go for help.  The scene that plays in my head is when the dwarfs are riding on the animals all feverishly scrambling to get to their girl who was in harm.  This is my life.

When I am attacked by migraine, it is all hands on deck.  My husband goes into action protecting me the best he can.  My mom, dad, and sister frantically adjust their lives to make arrangements for my children.  My children have been shielded from the pain that I live in because of them.

Even my dog goes into action.  She hates when I’m sick and takes her job as a protector very seriously.  She does not leave my side when I’m sick.

In the end, the evil gets the best of her, as my migraines have done all too many times.  But the dwarfs and my family chase away the queen and migraine and it is eventually sent to its doom.  I wish my chronic headaches and migraine fell to their death never to appear again, but I live to fight another day.

As most of the stories go, the prince saves her and they ride off into the sunset.  The difference with me is that my prince is there with me to fight the fight.  He’s not swooping in at the end to take the glory.  He’s in the trenches fighting the evil along with my family and myself.

Will I live happily ever after?  I live happily now.  Despite the evil that lurks in the shadows, love conquers in the end.  There is no perfect ending.  Are you telling me that when Snow White and the prince get back to the castle he never steals the covers when they sleep or that she doesn’t nag him about helping keep the house clean?  Please.  Life isn’t perfect, it’s not meant to be.  But having support and love and all the sweet sweet simple moments make the evil that much easier to fight.


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