dream symbol

This picture is interesting. The first thing I notice is that she looks open.  Her arms stretched out and head tilted to the sky make her look optimistic for the future.  A dawn of a new day possibly.    She seems to be breathing in the moment.  It looks like the stereotypical stretch one would do in the morning.  It’s as if her arms are greeting the day outstretched with hope and promise.

Maybe this was given as a prompt in order to look at this girl and see a bit of ourselves in her.  See her reaching out to the world with a new outlook on change and understanding.  I have found that since I have become more involved with my pain that I’m able to be more open.  I’m not just relying on medication solely to treat my condition nor am I afraid to talk about it.  I am changing my diet, my avoidance of triggers, my knowledge and my voice with both fellow sufferers and my doctors.  Instead of a ball that I am usually curled in, I see the dawn of a new day differently now.  It’s my hope that spreading awareness will allow people to be more open.  Open about their pain, about their struggle, and about their needs.  I have felt ashamed of myself many times for having migraines.  The mental battles that come with living in chronic pain is very difficult at times.  If we can just allow ourselves to come out of these shells and spread our arms to greet the day proactively rather than reactively things could be better.  This picture shows hope in a new day.




4 thoughts on “dream symbol

  1. School is finally out, so I was able to stop and read your blog and give it my full attention. My heart aches for you and know that I will be praying for you daily. I know the kind of pain that you suffer with. I went through emergency room visits and hospitalizations because of dehydration from vomiting endlessly with migraine pain. I would plan life events around my period and wonder how many days I’d lose this month! HOWEVER, this pales in comparison to what you are dealing with. I can’t imagine what this must be like! Anything I learn I’ll pass along. My daughter-in-law is a pharmacist and Jay gets migraines so she is always on the alert! PRAYING FOR THE MIRACLE OF A PAIN FREE LIFE FOR YOU! Love, Wendy


    • Wendy, thanks for reading the blog and sending your encouraging words! I’m so sorry to hear that you and Jay suffer! I am never surprised to hear about how many peoples lives are run by migraines and always frustrated by how little it is recognized for what it is and the stigma surrounding it. Thank you for spreading the word, it’s important!


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