My dog with Migraine. Therapy, service, comfort, support and treatment. Pets can help heal

my dog!

I bought my dog to celebrate getting my first real job out of college.  She was a sick puppy when I got her and a vet told me she was going to die and that I shouldn’t get attached.  Well, here I am with my feet comfortably resting on her 9 years later.  She is my first child.  People told me that when I had real children I would love her less.  That could not be further than the truth.  My children love, hug, kiss, and even try to ride her.  She sleeps in the nursery or outside their rooms during naps and at night…..a typical older, protective sister.  The biggest thing I love about her is how she watches over me.

There is  only one relationship that I have not felt guilty about or that I have neglected because of my disease.   It is the relationship with my Golden Retriever.  My dog has been a nurse to me for many years.  She is by my side and loves me without explanations or apologies.  She only requires that we be in the same room and that I cuddle her like the lap dog that she thinks she is.  When I am sick in bed, she joins me.  She does not sleep in bed with me other than when I have a migraine.  She has a sense when I am sick and immediately jumps into bed and spoons me while I lay packed in ice.  If I move my fingers she begins wagging her tail and licking them to show me she’s watching me.  There have been many days that I laid in bed, all day, with her unmoving.  Chronic migraines are isolating and lonely and she gives me companionship and support that not many can give.  From the time my husband lets her out in the morning until he returnes at night, she does not leave my side.  I would crawl to the door to let her out if I needed to, yet she never asks me to when I am suffering a migraine.  If I am laying on the bathroom floor crumpled in pain, she is right there with me.  The pressure she lays against me is comforting.  When I am unable to open my eyes, I am able to pet and lay on her without having to talk or move.  It is the simplest form of love.  She’s just there, and that’s exactly what I need.

She received knee surgery and was gated into our family room when I had a migraine quickly rising one particular day.  I was laying on the couch and needed to quickly leave the room to retreat to my bedroom.  I wanted to escape the light of the family room and knew I needed medication, rest, and space between my children and I.  I don’t like my children to see me in pain so when the migraine quickly went from a 5 to an 8 in intensity, I slowly raised from the couch.  My dog immediately rose on 3 legs and started whining and crying.  My husband followed me up to our room and I asked him if she was hurt, needed pain pills, needed out or what was wrong with my sweet dog.  He told me that he checked on her and she was worried about me.  We watched her go from sleeping on her bed resting her knee to being worked up about me being sick.  She was upset that she couldn’t be with me and knew that I was in pain.  She has this sense about her that tells her when I need her.  She has never been trained as a therapy dog, but living with me she has become my own personal therapeutic dog and caretaker.  She’s amazing and life wouldn’t be the same without her.  Do you have a pet that helps you when you are sick?




41 thoughts on “My dog with Migraine. Therapy, service, comfort, support and treatment. Pets can help heal

  1. I absolutely love this post. My dogs hover around me now in a way they never did before. They want and need for nothing. I love that your dog curls up with you and know just what you need. You are very lucky to have that kind of love. Doggies are the best. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very awesome! We recently got a lab mix puppy, and I know we have a long, special relationship ahead of us. He is oblivious to pain so far, but I know that will change as he gets older.


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  4. This post is beautiful & it touched my heart. I just lost one of my babies & someone shared this link with me. Dogs are such amazing healers & lovers!


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  6. “It is the simplest form of love. She’s just there, and that’s exactly what I need.” I LOVE this statement! So perfectly explains how I feel about my 3 dogs while I am having a migraine.

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  7. Sarah, that was beautiful written. I also have a dog who is my best nurse. Lulu is a mere ten pounds of companion. She happily spends her days lying quietly beside me on my bed, in the dark. I worry sometimes that her wee bladder might explode, because she seems to know when I shouldn’t get out of bed, and will simply wait it out. I had never really wanted a dog, but once it was suggested – and I saw those adorable tiny puppies – I couldn’t get it out of my mind and shortly thereafter, I got my first dog. Ten years later I cannot imagine life without her! Like you said, ‘it’s the simplest form of love”, and there’s no one or nothing that can replace it.
    Please give your dog a head scritch for me:) Linda


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  11. This was so lovely and uplifting to read. After suffering one of my worst attacks last night this gave me hope that their can be light in this darkness. Everything you mentioned that your sweet pup provides for you when your sick are the same things I long for when I’m sick. There is no escaping the pain but having that little bit of comfort can make all the difference. It is reassuring to read stories from people who experience the same things you do as having chronic migraines becomes so lonely. I can’t wait to get a dog/companion now.


    • Thanks for reading Jessica! I’m sorry you suffer and relate. I am happy you found my blog and hope it helps. Please follow and comment often. The feedback makes a good community for us all. It’s a tough road and knowing I’m not alone helps.


    • Hi. There is a button to follow along via email in the sidebar. If you are on a phone you may need to scroll to the bottom of all the posts. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for following!


  12. I have an akita we rescued, she busted in to me on the floor in the bathroom, and herded me back to bed, she is my protectress, nobody is allowed in. I REALLY wish I could find her original minion, rumor has it they had to go to a care facility, and she was shuffled for awhile…I wish I could let them know she is VERY spoiled, and is my fuzzy right hand!


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  15. I can so relate. My dog has been a source of comfort and smiles throughout the last nearly two years I’ve had her. She brought sunshine into some very dark times for me and her cuddles are the best around. I love reading of others’ companionship with their pets. 🙂 They truly become family!


  16. It’s so wonderful that she’s given you so much comfort and love over the years. And I’m sure that she feels better knowing that she’s with you when you’re in so much pain. She can no doubt feel how she positively affects you.
    I’ve had Mobility Service Dog partners since I had my spinal cord injury. When I’m having a really horrible pain day my dogs have been there to help. They intuitively know if I want pressure on my spine or if I need them just to be near. Dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to us.


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  20. This was such a heartwarming read. I definitely want a dog that watches over me when I own my own place in future, hopefully. One thing I was wondering though – how much exercise does a dog like yours need? I’m worried I canmt provide in that aspect, but I don’t want a toy dog 😉


    • I love having a big dog! She is 12 now and can’t go for long walks. Before that we were quite active together and she used to hike with me and if I wasn’t up to it I could at least throw her a ball or let her out in my fenced in yard. With having small children I have always made it a priority to walk around the block for everyone’s health. Even when I’m hurting (unless I’m at a 7-10) I can still walk and it helps to get my blood moving. I hope you get your wish and a pet gives you love and comfort like mine gives me ❤️


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