The Green Juice debate with Migraine

You have all seen it. The picture of the green juice with the red letters that say, Migraine Reliever. Then a list of fruit and vegetables excreta to relieve your migraine. Here are the two debates that I see. I love that this is a discussion.
1. Passing along buzz words, pins, commercials or whatever “miracle” item that is trendy is not going to cure me.
I am often subject to unsolicited advice. Kind of like when I was pregnant and a new mom. Way too many opinions but with great warmth behind it. I have been told many things to do, take and become in order to “heal” myself of migraines. Most of them prove how very uninformed non migraine sufferers are. Green drinks, Excedrin migraine, sticking my feet in a sink or whatever trendy pin that is being tossed around won’t heal me. The informed group that I do listen to is still grasping at straws and has been for my entire life. Unsolicited advice is often irritating but I’ve learned to take it in stride and try to learn or discard the misinformation given. I used to just roll my eyes at advice but now I see it as a sign that I am cared about. When someone sends me something, I know that they are thinking of me and trying to help. Now that I am more informed about my own health and headaches, I welcome any suggestions and add it to my bag of arsenal. Everyone is different and reacts differently.  I am no exception. One thing will not heal me but finding a combination that can balance me is always the goal. I, now, try to look into any advice given to me to see if it fits my situation.

2. As a migraine suffer, no magic potion is going to make my neurological disease go away.
Going along with what I said before, one thing will not “cure” me. The more I learn about myself the more I find that it takes a well rounded approach to health. Since my medication vacation, I have tried to refrain from being placed back on preventative daily medication so I have looked into alternatives. Green drinks do seem to make me feel better. My body seems to be less irritated when I eat/drink anti inflammatory foods. This is not to say that I don’t eat a ton of cookies and candy. I am not on a restricted migraine diet and only eliminate trigger foods. Once again, everyone is so different, but I see the green drink as beneficial to my life. I try to drink them when I can. With that said, I could never stomach the stuff while in the throes of a migraine. I get super nauseous, often throw up from the pain and can barely stomach water and crackers with my meds. I have never reached for a green drink during this time to “rescue” me. I could never live without my rescue meds. It is strictly a preventative for me that I use with many other tricks that I’ve learned over the years.

It’s all about finding the right balance for me!  I still haven’t found it  and am not sure if I ever will with  body and life changes.  I just continue to try and welcome any advice (even if some of it is completely asinine.)


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