Lines, Dots & Migraine Auras

This time of year I easily get fooled by tiny gnats. We have a lovely garden and constantly have fresh fruits and vegetables in our kitchen.  I see small black dots and am uncertain what it is.  My blood pressure runs extremely low (migraine or medication related, I don’t know?)  So when I stand up, I often see the room closing in and black dots.  My migraine auras are more white flashes or lines so I typically don’t panic when I see the dots, but it alarms me all the same.  Whether it’s aura or low blood pressure I feel like I’m passing out and it stops me in my tracks.  These little gnats seem to be everywhere, not just in my house so I am often surprised by their presence or lack there of.  The flashes of white light or black dots is deceiving.  I remember when I was in high school I did a cart wheel and started screaming and swinging my arms around because I thought I was being attacked by a swarm of bugs.  In fact, I had had a head rush and it cleared within a few seconds.  The funniest part is that my friends ran screaming away so they never discovered that it was really just me seeing dots.  I feel like I’m slightly going crazy all the time with either precautions of avoiding a migraine or side effects that I’m getting from them or my medication.  So am I passing out or do I have a bug problem?  I don’t know.  I now just try to casually fan in front of my face and grab onto a counter to brace myself for either.  Bugs, low blood pressure, and auras.  I’d like to exterminate them all.


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