Help Hannah get a service dog

Help Hannah Get a Service Dog

When I first started blogging I wanted a creative outlet that allowed me to tell my story in order to better understand myself and hopefully teach, reach, and help others.  It’s always been easier for me to give help than receive it and when I ran across the Shelton’s story, I jumped at the chance to spread the word about this family.  I relate to this family a lot and know that I am not the only one who will feel this way.  I am a lifetime chronic migraine sufferer along with being a dog lover and a mother. If you’ve read my post  about my dog you know that she is part of my treatment.  She is not a trained therapy dog but she understands the cues I give when I’m in migraine mode and supports me emotionally.  Hannah and her family are raising money to get a service/medical alert dog.  Her dog will be trained to read her body chemistry so the dog can alert her that a migraine is going to spike.  When Hannah’s migraines spike she loses feeling from her waist down causing her to fall.  Her falling is obviously very dangerous and frightening for everyone.  Her episodes last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes and happen somewhere between 8 and 10 times a week.  Along with this comes depression, anxiety, and panic attacks that her dog can also help her cope with.  An alert dog will drastically change her life.   Hannah has suffered from headaches most of her short life but since 2014 she has been hospitalized and in an infusion center for weeks at a time.  Her migraines last more than 72 hours at a time and cause her to vomit violently.  They have yet to find an effective medication to control her attacks.  She is 16 years old and on homebound schooling until the end of the school year.  When the doctor suggested that Hannah get a medical alert/service dog, Carol (her mother) set up a page to help pay for the dog, vet fees before getting the dog, and the travel and stay for the intense training.  Carol has a very close relationship with her daughter and naturally will do anything to stop her suffering and give her the better life that she deserves.   Please go to “Help Hannah Get a Service Dog”  to donate and read more about Hannah’s story.  Even if you are unable to donate, it will be helpful to share the page or my post to spread the word of the Shelton family.  Your donation will help change a girl and her family’s life!

Help Hannah Get a Service Dog


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