Migraine Buddy

The Migraine Buddy is a migraine tracking app which first was launched on Android and now is available for iOS users. I have been using this app since the day it launched and think the value of it is great!   I have tracked my migraines on and off for years but having an app on my phone that allows me to enter or edit data quickly and easily is very convenient.  I find that tracking my migraines along with other data allows me to better understand trends as well as educating myself on the frequency, cause, and treatment.  The app guides me through a series of questions about my migraine.  I record a migraine by answering when it begins, the intensity, triggers, menstruations, medication, reliefs, helpful reliefs, affected activities, symptoms, aura, onset pain location, and the location it occurred.  Being accountable to answer these questions makes me look more closely at how, when, and why my migraine may have occurred or subsided.  I have been able to add information and notes that are unique to my needs.  The migraine data is put into a calendar which is easily seen to edit or reference later.  A report is given for percentages of when it happened, the top three triggers and symptoms, along with pain intensity minimum, average and maximum along with menstruation data  The creators of Migraine Buddy value feedback and allow you to leave it with them along with categories that provide news, information about the team, tips and migraine stories.  These categories encourage a community of users to relate to each other.  Like any good app I believe it is getting better every day which hopefully will help it’s users do the same.

The links to download the app are seen below if you are interested:

Android: http://goo.gl/FvvKn9

iOS: http://goo.gl/AW5WUf


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