Throwback Thursday “My dog, my nurse, my love”

Happy birthday Lucia

       Happy 10th birthday Lucia!

With the rumble of storms and plethora of things going on in my life I have been in a cycle of migraines that has me reeling.  Day after day after day of severe pain really messes with a girl’s mind.  But today the pain has broken and only a hangover remains.  I live to love another day and smile!!!  The sanity that I always have laying next to me is my dog.  Many of you know my great love for my Golden Retriever but yesterday was her 10th birthday and she laid next to me as always.  My kids were at my parent’s playing with their cousins (having no clue that I was at home in writhing pain.  Ahhh to be young and shielded).  I was able to join them for the cupcakes they made for her (actually for themselves but the gesture was nice) and sing to my oldest baby.  So for #Throwback Thursday, I’m dedicating this one to Lucia.  Happy Birthday my Golden ray of sunshine in the midst of my figurative and literal storm.

My dog, My nurse, My love!

*share a picture of your fur baby if they take care of you too!


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday “My dog, my nurse, my love”

  1. Happy birthday Lucia. These are my fur babies who look after me every day. One stays in bed with me all morning every day as I don’t get up til lunchtime. If I have a bad day and am in bed all day they both stay with me.


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