Sharing Hope – Choose Life – MHAM Blog Challenge Day 30

A fellow blogger picked a post of mine as her favorite post this month. I feel honored that she chose me from all the great things said during migraine awareness month. It is a great blog and I feel lucky to be featured!


Today’s prompt: Sharing Hope: Share your favorite blog challenge post from this month, yours or somebody else’s. The best way to do this is to quote the first two paragraphs from the post and link to the rest of it. Then tell us why it’s your favorite.

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This month I read many inspiring posts that I retweeted and/or reblogged. Of them all, my favorite was write by Sarah of The post title is Nature Brings Hope. It was in response to the prompt for day 13 of the blog challenge: Today’s prompt: What in Nature Brings You Hope? Tell us what things in nature bring you hope and why.

See below for a tidbit from the post. Click HERE to read the rest.

Nature Brings Hope

“A place that gives me hope in nature is the woods.  We have an amazing park system around where…

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