“What would you do if your dream of a pain and a completely symptom free life, came true?”

It’s invisible illness week. So many people suffer from issues you can’t see. Before judging someone, understand who they are inside.

My Migraine Life

Life without pain? First thing I’d do is travel. I’d jump on a plane, not care what foods I packed and get off in a tropical location. It wouldn’t matter that the barometric pressure or weather was dramatically different. The sun wouldn’t bother me, I may even walk around without my sunglasses. If I was dehydrated or stressed from the flight, that’s ok, I’d drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and not need to pop pills and go lay down. I’d drink and I’d drink a lot. Red wine? Why not? I have never been able to drink it, so bring me a bottle. And while you are at it, bring me all of my trigger foods. I would lay out in the sun and not have sensitivity to the heat and read all day because the words wouldn’t be blurred in pain. Maybe I’d go shopping…

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2 thoughts on ““What would you do if your dream of a pain and a completely symptom free life, came true?”

  1. If my dream of a pain and symptom free life came true, I would send Christmas cards to everyone on my list. That may sound odd, and perhaps even a rather lame goal. That simple little thing comes from utterly impossible obstacles to overcome in my current life of pain and symptoms.
    I ask you to consider, however, that i suffer from chronic migraines, chronic cluster headaches and post traumatic headaches following 2 successive TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) and all the cognitive and memory deficits that are inherent to such injuries.
    As such, Christmas cards.
    Here is the reason:
    1. All the names on my list would still be alive in the flesh and not just in my heart;
    2. I would continue to be alive to send them year after year, without ever facing the dilemma of the opposite, just to end the pain in my and my family’s life.

    Such a simple thing, but Christmas cards are my dream for a pain and symptom free life.


    • I don’t think that sounds lame at all! I think it’s the simple things in life that should be celebrated and Christmas cards are a good reason. I picture your cards with you smiling, laughing and enjoying life pain free!


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