Migraines are NOT laziness and judgement

My Migraine Life

Oooooh laziness. I am constantly fearful that I am seen as lazy and I’m glad the topic has come up. I run a marathon and some days an iron man inside my body every day. I am a stay at home mom and I work HARD. I really think my job is one of the most under respected jobs. Then again I used to be a teacher and got paid close to nothing to change children’s lives. So I’m used to it. I am physically active all day. I carry a 25+ pound child on my hip while I do dishes, laundry, vacuum, cook, and clean. I run errands constantly getting kids in and out of the car along with carrying a purse that might as well be called luggage. I do swim lessons, library classes, play dates, art projects, playgrounds, walks and bike rides. All of this while in…

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