The power of friends helping Migraine

Today I made plans with my friends to go to our favorite apple orchard. We tried to make it a tradition 4 years ago. At that point we had one child with us. This year there will be 5! These are girls that I have canceled plans with and suffered in front of for years. They have both empathized and sympathized with me throughout the years. I’ve known these girls since middle school and love them. All hail to the friends who love you for who you are!

My Migraine Life

Lately I’ve been thinking about my high school friends a lot. I actually have a friend who I have had since I was 5 and a neighbor that became family when I was in 4th grade. Since then, I have gathered a great group that have made me who I am today. My “oldest” friends are the ones who know a little piece of me that no one else knows because it was the beginning. As the school year begins I think about how my daughter is starting her “beginning.” When she goes to school she hopefully will be finding forever friends like I did. All too soon she will be listening to those friends more than she listens to me and that terrifies me. Other influences will guide her through school, sports, nights out, big dances, academics and everywhere in between. These are the people that she will laugh…

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