Weather Swings bring Migraines

Does anyone else get triggered by weather swings? I wrote this in the spring yet it happens year round. Fall is just the beginning of my weather related migraines.

My Migraine Life

I wish weather swings were as fun as real swings.  The way my kids laugh going up and down, back and forth looks fun.  Instead, the temperature goes up and down making my head sway back and forth.  Weather is a huge trigger for me.   Living in Cleveland is not ideal for this!  From what I’ve read, it happens most places though, so I’m not going to blame it fully on location.  Last week was 9 degrees here and this week we can potentially hit 60.  What?!?  So there goes my head.  The barometric pressure squeezes me like a vice.  I have a barometer in my kitchen but I don’t pay any attention to it because I am triggered before it registers.  Everyone is ecstatic about this great thaw on our city, but I just hear “pain” when I hear the forecast.  I’m so much better when it just stays…

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