Himalayan Salt Lamp for migraines


IMG_5134Several months ago I bought a Himalayan salt lamp.  I read about them and the possible benefits.  From what I read, it could possibly help purify the air, reduce allergens, increase mood and more.  My hope with the salt lamp was to help decrease migraine attacks and allergies. 

I placed my lamp on my night stand and left it on all the time.  My hope with it next to my bed was that I would be sleeping in better air and would wake in less pain.  I almost always fall asleep with a headache and wake up with one.  My lamp has the ability to brighten and soften which is nice since I’m very sensitive to  light.  The color is beautiful. 

Did I see a difference in the way I felt waking up? No.  I did notice a difference with my son’s allergies though.  I placed it in his room and a few days later I noticed his cough had decreased.  He coughs and has allergies through different parts of the year and I saw a difference in his breathing.  It’s a nice natural night light in his room.  Yes it is real salt so I need to make reminders to keep hands off and no licking!

I have since explored the benefits of Halotherapy more….Read more here


12 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt Lamp for migraines

  1. Im thankful to find your blog! I too suffer from chronic migraine headaches. I never know from day to day which type ill suffer from. My family doesn’t believe me that I have this much pain and think its all in my head and that I just don’t want to work. My migraines start in my left eye and walk across my head feeling like ants. Thus leaving me in large amounts of pain and numb and weak limbs. You have given me hope today that im not alone or crazy. Thank you!


    • Thank you for reading! You are Not alone. I started this blog with hope to teach people. It’s for family, friends, co workers and sufferers to learn and share. Migraines are tough to understand and even tougher to accept. I hope it helps you!


  2. I liked seeing this article! I’ve had a Himalayan Salt Lamp (one of the bowl ones with several small rocks within it) for years! It was given to me as a gift to help with my allergies (I wasn’t a chronic migraineur yet at that point.) Like you, I was skeptical, but it was pretty so I used it. I kept it on all the time since that was what was recommended. I didn’t notice a difference….. until the light bulb burnt out and it wasn’t on for several days. My allergies went nuts! I haven’t noticed a difference with migraines, but alleviating allergy symptoms is certainly a benefit. So, I have no idea how it works, but it does something and I won’t live without it now.


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