The Real Housewives, Yolanda. Damned if she did, damned if she didn’t with Lyme Disease 

Since it’s finale time for the RHOBH I thought I’d repost my feelings on Yolanda and her invisible illness. If you aren’t a fan, I’m not offended by you not re rereading. Yolanda’s strength to fight all the rumors and her own fight was interesting to watch. I commend her for staying on the show and showing what a real illness looks like and all the implications that go with it. Not many people would be as brave, especially in Hollywood, to be so vulnerable. This season brought out a lot of emotions and I found myself talking out loud on Yolanda’s behalf many times. It could not have been easy and I thank her for being so candid.

My Migraine Life

BH real housewives premiere (picture and link taken from

I love to watch The Real Housewives.  I watch it for the fact that it is so unreal and allows me to escape the thoughts of my real life to watch these extravagant over dramatized women.  So when I watched the Beverly Hills premiere I was shocked at the real emotional response I had to it.  In the episode, Yolanda broke down some walls to show the world what an invisible illness looks like.  Yolanda has been battling Lyme disease for about three years.  I have to admit that I don’t know much about it and have the impression Yolanda will be teaching a lot this season.  What I do know a lot about is having Migraine which dictates my life.  They seem similar in the stigmatized nature.

To begin with, she should be proud for exposing herself to…

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