One step forward, two steps back with having an illness

@WHO says Migraine is the 8th most disabling disease in the world.
I have learned that I take steps forward and back with my migraines. It is completely disabling and has been a marathon in my life. Here’s just one story of how I battle.

My Migraine Life

Several times a year, I get trapped in a cycle that won’t break (see “when everything stops working”). I was at this point last week. It had been 3 weeks of a 6 pain level but spiking often. Finally, I saw my doctor to get shots to knock out the migraine and hopefully regain some less painful days. I was headed for a long road trip with my children and family and needed to feel as good as I could in order to survive and enjoy myself. So the shots worked and follow up meds allowed me to enjoy my getaway. On the last day, however, it all caught up to me. We had moved from location to location, bed to bed, been scheduled from minute to minute and eating was far from normal. Due to driving for long distances every day, I drank less water and had less physical…

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4 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back with having an illness

  1. I can’t stand it when I read that people only suffer with migraines a few times a year. I have suffered every day for the last 43 years. You might have migraines, but you have no idea what other people like myself go through every day. I wouldn’t even call myself a migraine sufferer if you only have them a few times a year.


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