Yoga pants, being a mom and sporting my pretty (in Nina B Roze)

Today I’d like to remind you to get dressed in some athletic gear and get motivated to move. I find that dressing for a workout allows me to fit one in when I can. Here is how I sport my pretty. Discount 20%off using code sarah15. Why not look good while you are trying to feel better?!
How are you moving today?

My Migraine Life

IMG_6172 Shirt and sports bra by Nina B. Roze

I feel like there is a stigma about moms in yoga pants.  I’m not new to stigma being a migraine sufferer so whatever.  I wear yoga pants when I’m not in yoga and I say it loud and proud.  Yes, I pick my daughter up from school, then go to the grocery store and maybe Target.  I’m the stereotypical stay at home mom holding down a household, a family and putting my looks low on my list.  But why do I need to dress up to avoid judgmental looks or feel “pretty”?  Here’s why I wear athletic gear when I’m not being athletic.

1.        My kids

Example:  I’m washing lunch dishes, “Excuse me, did you just wipe your mouth on my leg when you walked by?”

 “No mom, I blew my nose.” 

Dry clean only clothes aren’t good with boogers or…

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