Cold vs Migraine

I rarely get colds. I jokingly say that it is too small for me.  I am allergic to viruses and get very sick when I contract one.  I react harshly to medications so colds just seem not that bad to me.  I have been burning my candle from both ends, so to speak, lately and got a cold.

The first day I was wiped out with no energy, lost my voice, and was overall down and out.  The following days I continued to cough a lot and have other various cold like symptoms.  I have to say, colds are no fun and I’m glad I don’t get them often.  It really is more annoying than anything else though.  I was just ready to be over it.  I could continue on with my life but slowed down a bit.

Here’s the difference between a cold and my everyday life….migraines!  I tried not to take a lot of over the counter cold meds because I really don’t like to take OTCs in general.  I lived a period of my life getting rebound headaches not understanding the repercussions of OTCs and I have not taken them since.   So med free, I had a coughing fit one night.  This fit triggered a migraine and I immediately went into abort migraine mode.

I actually thought to myself, “wow, a cold is annoying but a migraine sends true fear through me.”  The proverbial trick or treat.   A cold is no treat, but with a migraine looming I took it as one.  My trick being pain, pain, pain, and I wasn’t falling for it.  I had  balking at taking meds all week but once the migraine hit I immediately took what I hoped would be effective.

With the coughing, lack of sleep, stuffy head/sinuses and so on, I knew a migraine would not be far away.  So why can’t I just get a cold?  Like I said, it’s no fun at all (especially with 2 children that take advantage of not hearing my voice) but I almost felt normal.  I actually got a normal thing that everyone gets and was having a normal reaction.

But back to reality.  Luckily for me my meds worked and I avoided a head banger of a migraine and throwing up pain.  Yea for me because my throat was already stripped.

Bottom line being, colds are ok, migraines are not.  I actually felt relieved in the morning when I didn’t have a migraine yet my voice was gone, my stomach was crazy nauseous and my body was weak.  How was that a relief?  I was relieved that my normal migraine life was more miserable than a cold  and all I had was a cold.

Oh the life of a migraine sufferer.  Only I would be ok with having a cold.  Not happy, but ok, and I’ll take that for today.


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