Emotions triggering migraine (sadness, stress, excitement, anticipation and more)

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This summer was fun, fast and filled with migraines.  In the last few weeks, my emotions have been building for the fall excitement.  My first child is entering Kindergarten.  For some that may not be a big deal, but for a stay at home mom it’s momentous.

On top of this momentous moment, I am also starting a job after 6 years.  Over the last 6 years my only focus has been on my babies, family, dog, and home that we make.  It’s the biggest and hardest job to stay home and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity.   One of the luxuries of staying home is that I can deal with my migraines on my own.  With a job, my migraines are public and open to scrutiny.   Absences require subs and placing responsibilities on others.  The stress of missing work, throwing off schedules and not being a good employee is huge!  I love the position I was hired for and really want everyone to grow and thrive.

So between the stress of starting a new job, the devastation of my baby leaving me all day and a change in our whole dynamic, I’ve been walking on needles to avoid a migraine.  Here’s the thing with migraines, they don’t care who, what, where, when or why you don’t want it, it comes!  In fact, sometimes it feels like my migraines know the worst time and hits me right then.

That’s because emotions trigger migraines!  All emotion filled events I get a migraine anticipating, during, or after the event.  I have had one on most holidays, many weddings, baby showers, birthdays, concerts, sporting events and more.  Events bring migraines, change brings migraines.

So with all these events and change, I have tried to numb my emotions.  I remind myself of Scarlett O’Hara saying “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  I haven’t allowed myself to fully feel the change because I just can’t.  I cried a bit when I dropped my daughter off but had a staff meeting and needed to pull it together.  I didn’t sleep the night before and lack of sleep is another trigger I was trying to deal with.

The excitement of my job is huge and setting up is a trigger also.  The heat, the lights, the cleaning, and the reorganization takes a lot.  It’s all wonderful and fun but those things can also be a trigger.

So I sit here thinking to myself, how do I fully feel these emotions without being sick?  I can’t.  I can’t sit and cry about how yesterday I was holding my baby in the hospital and now she’s waving goodbye to me for the day.  I have been with her, planned every event and known exactly where she is for the past 6 years.  Now I just wave and don’t hear from her for almost 7 hours!  The worry just sends me through a tail spin.

Next I throw myself into a new job and I don’t have time to be in my dark room.  I need to be planning.  Once I’ve planned I need to be well enough to fulfil those plans.  I have such high hopes and my ambition scares me in that I will not be able to live up to it.

Bottom line is, emotions trigger.  I can’t imagine being able to feel how I feel and not worry about it.  As if emotions aren’t complicated enough, controlling them is imperative.  So I’ll just worry about that tomorrow, shake off those tears, numb the fears and just keep swimming.

What do you do to control your emotions from triggering you?  How do you do it?

Image result for scarlett o'hara i'll think about it tomorrow




7 thoughts on “Emotions triggering migraine (sadness, stress, excitement, anticipation and more)

  1. I don’t think emotions trigger Migraines. There are things we do or don’t do when in the throes of those emotions that can be triggers, and once we recognize them, most are avoidable. These include not drinking enough water, and getting dehydrated; skipping meals or eating on an irregular schedule; crying; not sleeping well.


  2. I cry equals a migraine, crappy sleep equals a migraine, anxiety I get a migraine, depression yep a migraine so moods trigger mine. I have also passed mine on because my son 21 years old has a migraine today as well. My grandpa had them too.
    Hope back to work goes seamlessly for you. Xx mini


    • Thank you. I’m sorry you and your so suffer too. I’m sure watching him get a migraine probably stresses you out too. There are so many things we can’t avoid and being emotional is one of them. We are human and have emotions so how do we avoid it? I hope he feels better soon!

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  3. Congrats Sarah on your job and your baby entering a new world. I too am looking into a new job opportunity and am stressing. So what do I have right now…a doozy of a migraine. Ugh. I have always told my doctors I get migraines not during the stress but after I guess the letdown period. When everything floods my brain, serotonin especially and it doesn’t matter whether it be good stress or bad. So vacations , holidays, daughter getting homecoming court and looking for four different dresses…it’s all stress to my migraine brain. Hugs and many well wishes your way.


  4. Thanks for this post. I love exploring my emotions and you may wish to check out my free ebook on emotional mastery and my Emotions Library that explains exactly how I process my emotions so that I don’t let it get to the point of a migraine: http://hebaelhakim.com/essential-oils/emotions-library
    I have been toying with the idea that it’s emotionally triggered and I believe this is true but I also believe it’s related to not hydrating enough which in my case is true… So when I get really excited or sad or angry AND I haven’t been drinking enough water…. That headache comes and doesn’t go even if I sleep… Totally get you!


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