Monday Munchies and Meals: Halloween snacks/crafts



As a mom and preschool teacher, I have been engrossed in Halloween fun!  With all this fun came snacks, candy and lots of food!  Last week we celebrated a lot and did endless crafts.  Along with the crafts, we ate!  With all the candy around, I found a few ways to fit in a meal and healthy snacks.

Here’s some things we did:

  1. Broom stick with pencil stick and pretzel sweeper
  2. Rice cake jack-o-lantern with cream cheese, raisins and pretzel rod
  3. Mummy hot dog in crescent roll with mustard eyes
  4. Spider pb&j with 8 pretzel legs
  5. Veggie tray jack-o-lantern
  6. Orange pumpkins
  7. Apple, peanut butter and marshmallow Dracula teeth

Maybe next year I’ll post the crafts.  Crafts and cooking are great ways to spend time with kids.  The learning and life lessons are endless!

What did you make or eat for Halloween that is worth sharing?


2 thoughts on “Monday Munchies and Meals: Halloween snacks/crafts

  1. How fun! My daughter is a 5th grade teacher. I wanted to do the Dracula teeth, but she informed me that I couldn’t make anything ‘scary’ or ‘Halloween like’. Her school has some policy that some kids don’t celebrate Halloween. I think it has to do with their religion. But I made the Candy Corn Jello cups for her class and they loved them.


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