Letdown Migraines from Stress, Weekends and Events



I get letdown migraines, have you heard of these?   I get migraines from the down slope of the week landing on the weekend and from stressful events.

During the week, I have a schedule.  I run things like clockwork in order to keep my children and me on track Monday through Friday.  Being on a schedule is huge for children and good for my migraines.  We know what to expect, are able to prepare and we all go with the flow.  But on the weekend, it’s a free-for-all.  Free-for-alls are sometimes fun but usually end in meltdowns and migraines in my house.

I am a  teacher and at some point during the  weekend spend time  in bed with a migraine.  I also get spikes during the week after school and in the evenings before bed.  These are letdown migraines from school and in preparation for the next day.  This happens to me most days.

Once the weekend comes, I get freedom, let down my guard and spend most of my time with a migraine.  My sleep schedule is off, I go to bed later, try to sleep in but mostly am thrown from too much or too little sleep.  I eat unhealthy and at different times than I do during the week.  I go to events with my family that often trigger me through light, sound, and activity.  Everything adds up to a migraine.

Along with letdown migraines from the week, I get migraines from the letdown of stress.  This means, when I am stressed, I can get through the event relatively well but once it’s over, my migraine spikes and I’m bedridden.  Think holidays, vacations, work events etc.

When my husband travels, I get a migraine both before and after his trip.  I get one in preparation of being on my own for a week with two small children and have one once he gets home for the same reason.  During the week, I go into what I call “turbo mode” and face life as it’s thrown at me.  I am super scheduled and exhausted but typically can make it a few days before the migraine letdown of stress. Even if I’m not worried, had a typical week and have no issues during the week of travel, a letdown migraine occurs.  Even when I think I have things handled, my body still punishes me for pushing through “turbo mode.”

Letdown migraines come from life’s many ups and downs.  A spike in life results in a spike of migraine pain.

Do you get letdown migraines?  


19 thoughts on “Letdown Migraines from Stress, Weekends and Events

  1. This is the first blog site I have visited for migraines and I’m really glad I discovered it. Yesterday (Sunday) I had the worst migraine attack yet. I always end up getting migraines on a Friday or Sunday and it is such a let down because it means I can not spend time with my husband or I miss out on fun activities. I have always wonder why I ended up getting them on the weekend when it made more sense to get the during the week since the weekdays are filled with stress and busy schedules. After reading your post it makes so much sense. I am off my daily routine. Which means I’m not on regular eating or sleeping schedules.

    I am sharing the case of the Monday’s with you too. After my attacks I usually still feel sick but most of all I’m emotionally drained. I feel really sad and scared.

    Finding a blog like this and reading stories from people who are dealing with the same stuff really makes a difference. Reading about things that you thought you were the only one having those same ‘though’ or experiences, it helps to not feel alone in this.

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. I so understand your let down stress migraine cycle. I only work the weekend sad as a RN but on Sunday night or Monday morning I get a migraine. My hubbie knows my kids know but it is so frustrating!!!
    And I totally understand the vacation migraines. Not only do I get a bad stress let down but I get good stress let down migraines. So I am at the start of my vacation with a migraine.


  3. Just want to say thank you.
    It’s just so nice to finally come across someone who understands what I’m going through.
    Currently seeing a neurologist and even though I spent hours going over every aspect of my lifestyle, he put my migraines down to my periods. No no no, how about LIFE triggers my migraines, now help me cope with them! Anyway I digress.
    Thank you for your insight, I read your words and I think “ah that happens with me too” and it helps me understand my condition a little more.


    • Vicky, thank you so much for your kind words! That’s exactly why I started my blog…we aren’t alone! For so long I thought I was crazy and the more I learn, the more I learn I’m not doing this by myself. So many of us suffer and doctors don’t tend to treat the full person. It’s called my migraine life because it touches every aspect of what I do! Thank you for reading & supporting!! Your comment fuels me to fight and write more 🙂


  4. Yep, I get letdown migraines frequently. Its one of my triggers. Try to keep to the same sleep schedule as well as you can, over sleeping is a huge trigger for a lot of people. I use the Migraine Buddy app to help show my triggers which helps show the doctors too because you can print out reports. Right there with ya


  5. I get them too. Mine are definitely in response to adrenaline spikes which I get from stress but also from my system over compensating for my low blood pressure/blood pooling issue. Most times I get slammed with them the day after I’ve either done too much or the weather has been too hot.


  6. This Totally explains why I always spend an off day with a migraine! And likely why they’ve actually lessened since I started working a second job and only have Mondays off. I was having one every 2-3 days, then went Almost 3 weeks without one, then have had 3 (4?) in the last two weeks. I honestly don’t even know how to cope with just a regular headache, they almost freak me out! It’s a little funny actually. Lol


  7. I get let down migraines all of the time! Didn’t realize it was “a thing” until I read your post and all of the comments here. Feels good to know I’m not alone. I’m a mom too and can’t help but have busy days, out of town trips for sports tournaments, family events for bday parties, holidays, etc. All of which trigger let down migraines. Doctor wants me to try Botox injections. Have you ever had this or know anything about it? Thanks again for your writings.


      • Thanks! I’m down to only a couple migraines a month and I’m wondering if Botox will even prevent those few because everything I am reading says it’s for chronic migraine (15+ a month.)


  8. Reading this blog has given me a new insight into my migraines. They’ve always asked me if anyone in my family has suffered from them and I’ve always said no, but now I’m beginning to think my dad may have been a migraine sufferer, too. He had headaches nearly every weekend. My sister and I became experts at neck massage because of him. I know they were stress related, but migraine may have been a factor as well.


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