Craving chocolate and salty foods before a Migraine



Do you crave chocolate or salty foods before a migraine?  I do!!!!  I have an addiction to sugar Sugar seems to be a trigger for me, but the more I have documented my cravings, I have come to realize the cravings are a symptom of my migraine.

I crave chocolate before a migraine.  I crave sugar, I crave comfort desserts and I crave something to take the edge off the impending doom….Migraine hell.    I used to eat dessert then wake up with a migraine thinking the chocolate was my trigger.  The more research I’ve done, the more I come to find out that cravings before a migraine are not the trigger but the symptom for what is coming.

Yet again, I’m not alone, I’m not crazy, I’m just a living migraine.  I’m either feeling the effects of a migraine coming, a migraine in full force, or come down after a migraine.  And the cycle continues.

During an attack, I mostly dry heave and am so nauseous I have to force myself to eat.  After an attack, I am worn down and cautious with what I eat.  But before a migraine, it’s a total chocolate and sometimes salty food extravaganza.  I understand that I should be fueling myself with anti-inflammatory foods and things that will prevent an attack.  Understanding what my body needs and what my body craves is a mental battle.

I already have given up alcohol and many foods so when I crave chocolate I eat it.  I find that battling my thoughts about food while knowing that my body will be facing physical pain soon is something I don’t want to do.  I am gentle with myself.  If I want to eat a bag of candy, I do.  I have never been much of a guilty eater.  I love food too much to be sad about what I ate.  I make choices with my foods and give into my cravings.  I allow myself some deep breathes, some dark chocolate, and some peace before my migraine takes me  away.

Do you get pre migraine cravings?  Do you give into them or stop yourself from indulging?


10 thoughts on “Craving chocolate and salty foods before a Migraine

  1. I don’t often get migraines anymore but I get really nauseous and light and sound sensitive in a big way. My head feels like it’s in a vice! I don’t take any drugs either so when I get one I have to ride it out (it sucks)
    I don’t get pre migraine cravings, but prior to a migraine I get a bad headache. If I drink enough water, go for a little walk or swim, cold shower, or do some yoga, I can stop the onset of a migraine 90% of the time.

    Love this article. I’ve not thought about the trigger/symptom thing before actually.


  2. This is so me too, chocolate and coca cola (full fat) none of that evil Aspartame! I try and drink at least 2 litres of liquid a day as I know if I get dehydrated I’ll get a migraine. My problem at the moment seems to be being woken by them between the hours of 3am and 6am 😦 going to try changing my pillow tonight to see if that helps as not sure whats going on, last nights almost felt like I was over hydrated..


  3. I totally get cravings before a migraine! That being said, I haven’t had a true migraine in the time I have been breastfeeding my son, so maybe my trigger is hormonal?

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I get migraines quite frequently. I have learned how to work through them but it’s tough. They last sometimes 2 days and then after they are done my head feels like it was hit with a wreaking ball. Frozen water bottles on the back of neck seem to make them feel better. Thank you for this post!


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