The motherless mothers, mothered mothers and Mother’s Day

Last year I wrote about motherless mothers, mothered mothers and being a mother. This year I’d like to remember all the mothers who lost a child too. I hate that mothers suffer and mourn on a day to celebrate all the wonderful things about being a mom. Being a mom comes ultimate love therefore ultimate loss when taken away. I’m sorry for your loss and no words can accurately express the depths of your grief. I know your angel is surrounding you today telling you s/he feels your love still!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the different types of moms out there, your definition and labels are endless. May your heart, life and day be filled with love and purpose! ❤️💙💜💚

My Migraine Life

FullSizeRenderAs I prepared to write a Mother’s Day post about how much I love my mom and how much I love to be a mom, I read a very interesting article.  The article was about being a “motherless mother.”  I have never heard that phrase and it really got me thinking.  The phrase “motherless mother” can be a variety of moms.  It can be mothers who lost a mother, had an absent mother, a mentally ill mother, a narcissistic mother and more.  The baggage that a daughter has from being a motherless mother and becoming a mother must be huge.  How do you be the best you can be when you’ve had a bad example or not one at all?  The fears, the doubts and the lack of support must mold a mother into something new.

Although I know many motherless mothers, I can say that all of them have…

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One thought on “The motherless mothers, mothered mothers and Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful reminder of Moms everywhere that feel the loss everyday of their child that has died or is estranged in some way My heart aches for them and I pray for their healing


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