Himalayan Salt Lamp for migraines

My Migraine Life

IMG_5134Several months ago I bought a Himalayan salt lamp.  I read about them and the possible benefits so I thought I’d try.  Sometimes I talk about things I love and I try a ton of things that I don’t.  I am always searching for something to help.

From what I read, it could possibly help purify the air, reduce allergens, increase mood and more.  If you do a search on it, you can find a lot of information.  I wake up and go to sleep with some form of headache every day so any thought in easing those times is appealing.  I leave it on my nightstand and the light is adjustable.  I have used it on high while I typically have ice or shade on my eyes.  I also use it on low when I’m awake laying in my room. I keep it on most of the time.  It has…

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