Self Care, Love, Bath and Body Giveaway

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  In the month of love and self care, I am excited to announce that I am giving away one special bath and body package from Aromafloria.  Aromafloria is perfect because it offers an unscented mixology line for my sensitive smell needs.  Some days I add essential oils like peppermint and other days I leave all my products completely scentless.

The package includes:

  • Body Butter
  • Bath Salts
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

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You MUST leave a comment answering

What is your favorite way to show self care?

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2/14/18 (12:00am)-2/21/18 (12:00am)



Want to know more about Aromafloria and the mixology line?  Here’s how I use them in My Migraine Life.

Essential oil

Baths and body


*This post contains affiliate links which means I am compensated if you buy from the link provided.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

43 thoughts on “Self Care, Love, Bath and Body Giveaway

  1. Aw this is such a lovely idea and a very generous giveaway! In terms showing self-love and self-care, this is something I’m working on (and probably need to try harder at given how much I’m struggling at the moment with anxiety on top of invisible illness issues). I also want to get back into baths rather than just showers every day as I avoided baths since having a stoma bag, so I’ll add that to my self-care must-do list! I find though that a little routine of a hot shower with something deliciously scented, a mini-facial and then snuggling up in a blanket, applying hand cream and then settling down with a cuppa tea and good book can really work wonders 🙂
    Caz x


  2. What a lovely idea I had no clue you could even buy things like this that had no scent! Perfect for when nausea and migraine strike and you need a bath to relax. My favourite self care is listening to my body and making sure to moisturise my skin and a facemask can be nice too x


  3. I practice self love by taking good care of my body and eating healthy and clean as much as I can. I still allow myself cheat days. Works well for me!


  4. So excited to see unscented products in your giveaway! My favorite self-care includes a warm shower, a book on my blue-shaded Kindle (helps with the headaches), and a good hot cup of black tea.(I find that a modest dose of naturally occurring caffeine also helps.) Thank you for offering this chance!


  5. What a lovely idea and a beautiful giveaway 😊 I practice self care by listening to my body, daily meditation and drinking lots of herbal tea to relax! 😊🌸


  6. I intentionally take days for myself each week, even if the only thing I can do is read or decompress. I need that time, and I often call Mondays “my mental health day” because they’re SO stressful and I need a break.


  7. Self care for me is when my son lays down. I take that time to decompress and have “me” time. I do things like “surf the net”, read, or just binge on a show (I can get two episodes in). Being a mum means that I usually put everyone ahead of me. So these little things are for me (in the summer self pedicures are done for “me” time)


  8. I believe that self care is making healthy choices regarding diet, exercise, and relaxation. Taking time just for myself to do things that I personally enjoy such as reading, crafting, spending time with my pets, and taking long, hot baths are some of the ways that I care for my body and mind. At times, self care is just a long Netflix binge on the couch with my sweet husband <3.


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