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Thank you for visiting My Migraine Life, my name is Sarah. I am a Chronic Migraine and headache sufferer. I am a mom of two and wife to an amazing man.   I have suffered tremendously since I was 5 and have memories of migraines at every stage of my life.   It has shaped the person I am today.

Around the time I taught in severe special education I turned chronic (more than 15 migraine days a month).  The stress with work, time, environment, diet, sleep, and more seemed to put me into a constant migraine.

I have run the gamete on medications, procedures, natural remedies and lifestyle changes.  I focus on being positive.  Migraines can be depressing and surrounding myself with a positive support system and mindset helps me enjoy life.  Understanding that my migraines are a  disease and something I need to be consistent and proactive about has been a journey.

My blog is intended for Migraine, headache disorder and invisible illness sufferers.  I also encourage parents, children, friends, significant others, co workers, bosses, and people who know those who suffer.  Reading my experiences may teach you about yourself or someone you love.

my dog!


I also write about being a mom,  teacher and animal lover (specifically my Golden Retriever).  My dog and children are such lights in my life.  They teach so many lessons through their innocence, growth and love..



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Thank you for reading and following!  Please pass it along to anyone who may benefit.  Sharing is caring and we all need some extra love and support!


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26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow I can’t imagine suffering from 5! I got my first migraine at 15. At 18 they started to become more frequent and in my 20’s I started getting daily headaches and subsequently at least 1 migraine per week.

    How much control do you have over your migraines? I have none. I’m at home in bed about 80% of the week. 😦


    • I have little control. I have recently been watching my diet more. I have always known my triggers but I have found eating cleanly has helped. I hydrate a lot, get good sleep and try to live more proactively than reactively because if I wait too long I’m done. I’ve just started looking into all of these things and have found that joining support groups have made me take my health into my own hands. But let’s be honest….I can’t live without my meds, dr, and help from family. Blogging is new to me & all the social media but I’m hoping to help. Thanks for reaching out

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      • No problem. Thank you for sharing. When I read the stories of others it helps to know that others can relate to what I’m going through.

        My husband and parents are great but they don’t suffer migraines. So when my husband gets home and finds me in bed in the dark and depressed, he opens all the blinds and curtains hoping to relieve my depression, but doesn’t fully get the pain it causes (I have photophobia).

        Then my mother tells me to think positively and exercise etc.

        And both my parents are always meeting people who suffer migraine, so they always call saying, “You know who I saw yesterday…well they have migraines and this is what they did so here’s the money to try it…” lol.

        They all love me of course, but there’s nothing like someone that lives it too.

        I started my blog to release my feelings and to catalog my progress. So while I search to find relief I hope you find it too.

        – Skylar 🙂


  2. I just read your blog thank you for sharing. I’ve been trying to meet more people who understand and can share their experiences like mine. For the longest time I suffered in silence and doctors made me feel it was all in my mind. You have given me lots of encouragement.


    • Thank you for reading! I have found that writing and reading about Migraine is very powerful. I felt like I was crazy & misunderstood for years but hearing and knowing there are people out there who understand me changes things. Please continue to read and share with your friends. Even if people don’t suffer it’s important for them to understand!


  3. My son has had chronic and disabling migraines for the last three years (he’s 16). Now that we finally know what they are and are starting to find out his triggers, I feel guilty that all the good things we thought we were doing him were poisoning his system and causing him pain. And overwhelmed by gratitude for his neurologist and psychologist who are helping him avoid and deal with chronic, overwhelming pain. I had no idea what people were telling me when they said ‘I have a migraine.’. And I now now know who really does have them when they start talking about sensitivities, pain, and dark, quiet rooms shrinking from stimulation.

    Thank you for your blog. Just reading your piece on what it feels like to have an invisible disease brought tears to my eyes because someone else gets it.

    My very best hopes for you and I most hope that we find ways to make this pain go away.


    • Thank you so much for commenting. It’s words like yours that inspire me to write. I am so sorry for you and your son. I am scared everyday that I have passed this into my children. Watching your son in such pain must be heartbreaking. I will keep you all in my thoughts.


  4. I suffer from ocular migraines. My doc put me on Topiramate. This drug was originally given to people having seizures. But they found that it relieved headache symptoms as well. I take 2 at night and now very rarely suffer from the ocular migraines after getting to the point of having them almost every day. My oncologist also suffers from migraines and takes this med to for relief. If anyone suffers and hasn’t tried this, might be worth a try. . . I do think what we put in our bodies has an effect also. There is so much GMO’s, etc put in our food now that if you can afford to eat organic, you really should.


  5. Sarah,
    I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading your other entries. I too have suffered since around the age of five, and have found myself recently wondering how I can work on more awareness for those of us who feel that they suffer in silence. I look forward to reading your journey. Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Heather! Thanks for reading and your kind words. Since I started blogging I have learned so much about my disease and hope to help others in whatever way I can. I’m happy to have another voice to bring awareness but sad you suffer! Thanks again for your kind words, they really brightened my day!


  6. I think I need to update my about me page. My son has had migraines but he was 11 or so after the first one. But my poppa, my moms dad got them. I’d say mine have become chronic again. Thanks for sharing!!


  7. Hi, Sarah. I’m a journalist writing a piece about chronic migraine. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your story? Please respond if you are and let me know the best way to reach you. Thanks!


  8. Hello my name is Mollie & I live in Denver, CO. Eight years ago I was in a horrific Motorcycle accident, a young Woman ran a red light & T-boned me & the driver from our left. I flipped off the Motorcycle 45 feet & landed on my back on a newly tared road. This was in July , at 103° in Oklahoma. I broke my left Femur, left wrist, crushed my left Ankle, broke my right foot too. Plus a really good bump to the right side of my head…which has caused my daily Migraines. I’m currently taking Simatripton, but only allowed to take 3 pills per week. My Neurologist says I now have Brain damage on the right side of my head.


  9. Hi, I just got my 3rd migraine ever last week. My first one was 5 years ago which was a regular bad headache with sensitivity to light. My second one was a few months ago with a visual aura that lasted 30 minutes. My most recent one was last week and had a visual aura and sensory aura where the right side of my mouth, tongue, and fingers down to forearm got numb and tingly for 10 minutes. Just wondering if you or someone you know has experienced the sensory aura. My neurologist just prescribed sumatriptan. This is all new to me and I don’t know much about migraines or how to cope.


  10. I am 51 years old and I’ve had migraines since I was in college. Over the years they settled into a very predictable pattern related to my cycles. They worsened as I entered my 30s, but luckily I had an amazing dr. who prescribed naritriptan (Amerge) which can eliminate my migraines in 1-2 hours. As I’ve entered perimenopause, the migraines seemed to increase in frequency. My dr. prescribed amitryptaline as a prophylactic and it reduced the migraines by 50%. I now only get them 3-5 times per month. I avoid all caffeine, stay hydrated, and eat regularly to avoid sugar highs and lows.
    I am a preschool teacher as well! Currently I am full-time but hope to return to part time, which I enjoyed for four years. It truly is the best of both worlds.
    I cannot imagine living with daily migraine! I am curious about what treatments or medications you use? I am impressed that you have continued to work and raise a family while dealing with this illness. My hat is off to you!


    • Hi Heidi, sounds like we have a lot in common! As you can read from my blog, I do a lot naturally to prevent and battle my migraines using a ton of products (oils, lotions, baths, ice, heat, glasses, etc). I also do a variety of treatments: massage, acupuncture, exercise/stretch, physical therapy, etc. but I couldn’t survive without taking medication. Depending on the reason for the migraine depends on what I use. My biggest preventative is Botox. I was on a variety of preventatives for years and found the side effects were too much to handle. I also use muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, zomig nasal spray, imitrex injections, Benadryl, sinus medication and steroids to break cycles. I know my trigger foods and eat and drink with caution. It’s a daily battle and some days I’m successful but most nights I go to bed at my worst state. I’m lucky enough to be able to function during the days with all these combinations along with stress management, routine sleep schedule, an amazing support system and more. Thank you for reading and following. Your comments help others know they aren’t alone just like my stories I share. Please share my blog, Facebook page, twitter and Instagram to anyone you think may benefit. Awareness and spreading the word that it’s not just a headache is important. Best of luck to you.


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