Medications are only one part of treating Migraines and increasing quality of life.  I  use and try a lot of products to prevent, battle, and recover from my migraines.  I review products that I think will increase my health, wellness, and happiness.  This comes in a variety of ways.

I look for products that I think my readers will benefit from or increase my quality of life in any way.  All of my opinions are my own and I have not been influenced by any company.  I am honest how it works for ME.  If a product doesn’t work for me, it  may work for you and vice versa.  This list can be used as reference of things you may want to try or ideas that you may not have thought of to treat yourself.  Please remember that I am not a doctor and that consulting a physician is advised. Disclaimer

Do you have a product that may help my health and wellness or make me happy 🙂   Please contact me with your ideas.

Original Sprout-Natural Organic Vegan hair care, bath, and styling products for the entire Family

Om-migraine gift box

Theraspecs-glasses to reduce migraine, photophobia, and eye strain

ChronicAlly-subscription box for chronic illness sufferers

NinaBroze-Athletic apparel

Barre3-combination of pilates, yoga and ballet

Flexi Kold– ice pack

Garden of Flavor -juices

Door to Door Organics -organic delivery

Christelli– mattress

Good Greens!- nutrition bars


If you have tried a product I have reviewed please leave a respectful message to let others know how it has worked for you.