Miles for Migraine Walk in Cleveland 2018

There is less than a week left before Miles for Migraine comes to Cleveland.  This fundraiser is an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to Migraine and headache disorders along with raising funds to help improve the lives of those who sufferer and their families.

Interested in donating?  Go here

miles for migraine swag

Available to walk April 21, 2018?  Join us at South Mastick Park at 9:00am. Register here



Headache Hat and raising money for Migraine and Headache Disorders



Holding hands with my support animal and icing with Headache Hat.  2 of my favorite ways to battle Migraine.


This year I am participating in the Miles for Migraine walk.  I have done it virtually in the past and will physically be there this year in Cleveland and Cincinnati!  While not everyone can participate by being at the race, anyone can donate virtually.

Please consider helping me raising money for  improving the lives of migraine patients and their families, raising public awareness about headache disorders, and helping find a cure for migraine.

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I’d like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to my favorite Migraine product and friend The Headache Hat.

With all of the products I have reviewed and used, the Headache Hat is by far the best!!!  I am not an affiliate of this product yet tell everyone about it!  My recommendation is purely for my love of this ice cube head band.  I have several in my freezer, both standard and halo.  I use one every night and often change it out in the middle of the night requiring more.  I am not sure how I ever lived without the Headache Hat!  I used to pile on bags of wet ice or lay on stiff ice packs leaving me immobile and uncomfortable.  I now can ice and move around my house if needed.

The Headache Hat is so special because:

  1. The individual ice cubes give an exact pressure point pressure and freeze. It is  individualized for each differing Migraine and headache pain.
  2. It is dry and stays in place.  No more waking up soaking wet and laying completely still without movement.  I can sleep with it and often make breakfast or lunches while moving around the kitchen.  I also wear in in the car!
  3. It comes in standard and Halo sizes.  The Halo size is loved by children for fevers, bumped heads and more.
  4. It’s not just for Migraine sufferers.  I recommend every house having one (or many like me!)
  5. The creator of the Headache Hat is concerned about making a difference and helping those of us suffering.  She is also a headache and Migraine sufferer.  She works really hard, while having a family of her own, and is changing the world for sufferers one hat at a time.
    • She has recently been seen on Kelly & Ben winning the Good Housekeeping seal contest and HSN selling out!

Not only does she sell an amazing product, advocate and help so many, but she has been so generous in donating to MY MIGRAINE LIFE team for Miles for Migraine.

Thank you HEADACACHE HAT!!!  You have changed my life and will continue to change the lives of so many more.  Your generosity is more than appreciated!  Your hard work and product  is felt deeply in my heart and daily on my head!

Want to make a difference?  Please donate

Able to walk or run in Cleveland April 21, 2018?  Please join my team



This is the face of Migraine.  No make up, puffy face, pained.  While my children both had the flu and I had a Migraine, this is the way we watched our Disney movies that day.




Miles for Migraine Race in Cleveland 2018


On Sunday, April 21st, 2018 I am lacing up my sneakers and participating in the first annual Miles for Migraine Walk/Run Cleveland, OH. This event benefits a cause that effects so many and has a mission that is particularly close to my heart and my family.

Miles for Migraine is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people impacted by migraine, and their families through social awareness, community and supporting research efforts for a cure. Migraine is not “just a headache”. Migraine is the second leading cause of “Years lived with Disability”.  In the United States, more than 37 million people have migraine. Everyone either knows someone who has migraine or struggles with migraine themselves.

This year I’m so excited to announce that Miles for Migraine is coming to Cleveland!  In the past, I have raised money and participated virtually.  Here’s how we did last year.  This year my goal is $400 in honor of beginning my 4th year writing My Migraine Life (In June) and taking steps toward a better Migraine Life for myself and millions of others. This is Cleveland’s  inaugural race!  I’m so excited to be there in person and walk my miles along side so many migraine supporters.

Please consider joining the My Migraine Life team or donating and participating virtually.  Getting to my goal will bring us all closer to an improved Migraine Life.



Join Today!!! 

Sprinly, plant-based meal delivery




there is an affiliate code in this post. see disclaimer


This week I got another delivery from Sprinly, my favorite vegan fresh delivery meals.  If you live in the Cleveland area, I highly recommend them! Although Sprinly rewards me for my recommendation, I only write about products and services that I truly love and use!

I fully admit that I am not vegan.  Nor do I particularly love vegetables.  But Sprinly (use code REF7LVIUO2MLV for $20 off!!!) is some kind of wonderful and somehow gets me to love both!  I order them when I need a break from cooking, when I’m feeling like I need a reset in my diet and when I’m craving them.  I end up craving them because their meals are so delicious.  I feel so full from their meals and often can’t finish them in one siting.  I’m always so surprised by how satisfied I am after each meal but I guess that’s what clean proper nutrition tastes like.

What an inspiration to try!!!!!

To read more about Sprinly, here’s my review

If you are already a Sprinly customer (possibly by my recommendation;)) please vote for them for “Best of Cleveland 2017.”  Nominations are in and Sprinly has been nominated for “best local startup.”  Please go to the link, fill in the information and vote for Sprinly to receive this much deserved title.

If you live in the Cleveland area or know someone who does, please let them know about this amazing company.  It’s a great feeling knowing I’m eating good food, made my good people, trying to spread good vibes, all delivered to my door. YUM!

Thinking about trying?  Use code REF7LVIUO2MLV for $20 off!!!


Sprinly vegan food delivery review and coupon code!



This post contains an affiliate link and code. see disclaimer


If you read my Holiday gift guide, you may remember me mentioning Sprinly as a source for healthy food.   I thought I’d share my experience with Sprinly and how they are helping Clevelanders and surrounding communities “live and maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle.  [They] have nutritionists that work together to provide you with delicious, honestly nutritious meals in the most convenient way.”

Sprinly is a plant-based food delivery service that provides fully prepared organic vegan meals. I have purchased food delivery services before and found them to be good but still some work on my part.  With other meal deliveries, I still had to do the work chopping and cleaning and getting my dishes dirty.  What I like about Sprinly is, it’s already done!  Lunch is grab and go, dinner is ready and there is no clean up.  The menu is customizable and the meal plans are flexible to meet different needs.  You can pause at any time and resume when ready.

Sprinly “aim[s] to inspire others to live healthier and eat more vegetables, and partner with mission driven non-profits who share similar values.” They “are building a team where everyone is working towards a common goal to create something greater for the health of our country.”

The meals I ate were delicious, a big portion, in a reusable bag and beautiful looking. I love the vast colors and knowing I’m “eating the rainbow” while getting such quality food into my diet.

Sprinly delivers within 30 miles of Cleveland including Akron

If you don’t live in the area, do some research on local places to order food around you. I think it’s a nice option for those weeks where you need some extra help (and spoons).  Quality food will make for a more quality feeling body which is what I need.  I crave junk food during my migraines and eat horrible before and after an attack.  Having Sprinly in my refrigerator ready to grab was a great way to eat when I otherwise wouldn’t have made a healthy choice.  Eating good feels good!

Thank you Sprinly for you great food, amazing attitude towards health and inspiration to be part of a community that wants to help….one meal at a time.

Thinking about trying Sprinly?  Use code REF7LVIUO2MLV for $20 off!!!


Thankful Thursday: Indians vs Cubs World Series 2016


Last month I started my Meals and Munchies series.  This month I am implementing Thankful Thursday.  Unfortunately, I missed the first Thursday of the month due to a migraine.  Ironically, my “thankful” for the week was probably the culprit for causing the migraine.  But so worth it……..

My thankful moment this week is going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!  As you know, I’m a Clevelander. What you don’t know is that baseball runs through my blood.  I started playing softball  around age 6 through my senior year of high school competitively.  There were many summers where I played 3 and 4 leagues running from one field to another and loving it all.  My parents had season tickets to the Indian’s and I spent my time outside of playing softball watching baseball.  My father’s speech at my wedding included a story about me running through a fence to catch a pop fly in left field.  I LOVE BASEBALL!

I grew up memorizing each line to Major League and A League of their Own.  They were movies that taught history of baseball and the always looming thought that even when you are down, the championship game can be right around the corner someday.


That “someday” was last Wednesday.   On game 7, I approached it with hopes of a movie ending.  I was so proud of Cleveland.  My whole life, people have had sarcastic and somewhat nasty things to say about Cleveland.  To those who know the city, it’s a very special place and I’m so happy people are finally seeing it for all that it is. 

After the game, I had a migraine for 2 days and didn’t get a chance to read or watch a lot of coverage post game.  I’m wondering, did anyone talk about the most beautifully done National Anthem?  The National Anthem was done with a musical rendition with the fans being the singers.  It was the most beautiful moment!  It wasn’t fans divided, it was America united.  A feeling that many of us needed to feel with all the election tension.  It wasn’t Chicago vs Cleveland, Republican vs Democrat, black vs white, rich vs poor.  It was the United States.  As the people around me sang their hearts out, I felt this swell of emotion and tears streaming through my eyes.  They zoomed in on the violin player and I saw that I was not the only one feeling the emotions of the evening.  As she sat playing for the world, tears were streaming down her face as they were mine.  I didn’t look around and only stared at the flag thanking God for that moment and all of those who fought and continue to fight for us to achieve the American dream.  Well done!  Really well done!!!

As the game continued, we felt a rollercoaster of emotions.  My dad leaned down to the Cubs fan in front of us to tell him, congrats, they may finally get their win.  The man responded with saying “It’s not over, you don’t wait over 100 years and assume anything.”  That inning, we hit the homerun that lit the city on fire!  My tickets looked down 3rd base line and as I saw the ball rise and carry and float over the outfield fence, I felt an excitement that I had never felt.  I clenched my sister’s arm, I pounded on my dad’s shoulder and yelled at that ball to get out! It was the slow-motion movie moment I had hoped for.

Once again, I didn’t look around.  I threw my hands to the sky and screamed.  My grandfather was an Indian’s fan and watched and took stats on my softball career forever.  In that moment as I stood with my arms stretched toward the sky, I felt his embrace.  I felt all those years of watching and playing baseball and THAT was the moment athletes and fans live for.  There may have been a lot of loss and disappointment over the years, but a moment like that is what makes baseball GREAT!l

Then came the rain.  I love how people were complaining that they covered the field.  For me, it was a moment to go to the bathroom, cover up in my poncho (All good Cleveland fans know you bring ponchos to games) and head back to my seat.  I think it lost us a lot of momentum, but that’s Mother Nature.  Mother Nature also blessed us with a 70-degree night in Cleveland in November.    It could have been snowing (and we all know that) so let’s not complain.

As the game ended, my heart was broken but not angry at the Cubs or fans.  The fans around us were respectful and after the man’s deep thoughts, I was reminded that they had waited a long time to have that moment too.  Seeing people who had all the memories, dreams and bucket lists checked off made it a bit easier to take.


Over the years, my memory has become really bad.  After years of violent migraines damaging my brain permanently, I won’t be able to tell you the details of the game.  I won’t be able to recall the player’s names or details like I’d like to.  I won’t be able to give you stats or dates.  But what I will be able to remember is how I felt.  How I felt walking up to a stadium that I grew up in.  How I felt singing the National Anthem with such pride.  How I got to have a beer with my dad at the Cleveland World Series and hug my sister and mom in one of the most exciting moments of my life.  I’m disappointed I may not be able to have a conversation detailing every inning, but all that matters is how I felt and the fact I was able to be there!  For someone who is forced to miss so many events due to Migraines, just being there was a tiny miracle.

Living in a world of pain with Chronic Migraines and missing out on so much in life seems almost unbearable at times.  I had a moment like the World Series to remind me what life is about.  It’s childhood dreams, family memories, America’s pastime and pride and hope that someday the unthinkable can happen.  It’s living in the moment and seeing that dreams do come true, even if you have to wait 100 years.

So, to begin my Thankful Thursday (posting late due to Migraine) is the World Series!!!!!  It was SO much more than baseball. 

All in Cleveland, All in Migraine, All in Hope

Here is my post from last year about the Cavs! Last year we battled injury and last night we lost a game. We may have lost a game but not the championship. So here we go Cavs….fight hard like I do with my migraines. They have defeated me for years but I still have hope. Just like I have hope in you! #Allin

My Migraine Life


While watching the Cavs last night I had no choice but to compare Cleveland sports to my migraines.  I did this not because watching them gives me a headache and nauseous, although it has, but because it gives me hope.  When the TV flashed, “last time Cavs won a championship…NEVER” my heart pounded and head filled with thoughts of possibilities.  With the theme of Migraine Awareness Month being hope, I had no choice but to make a comparison.  Watching losing teams year after year can be defeating just like losing year after year of having Chronic Migraines.  I continue to change my line up and think positively but more often than not a season slips through my fingers.  This year we had hope.  I find it ironic that I started my blog a year ago and my fight changed.  When LeBron came back, things changed.  LeBron embarrassed me, angered me…

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