Tips for sleep, rest, insomnia and Migraine


I had a horrible sleep last night.  And to add to it, we lost an hour!  Sleep is so important for so many reasons.  My body is constantly fighting pain.  As you can imagine that makes me exhausted.  Sleeping and down town time are  both forced upon me and required to recover or survive.  It’s forced upon me by extreme nausea, joint and muscle pain, the intense sensitivities and of course the  head pain.    Giving myself a comfortable place to rest and sleep is important.  Blackout shades plus curtains help when even the clock on my tv is too bright.  I have yet to find a perfect pillow I love, but I love my bed!  We have a Christeli and it is amazingly comfortable.  I get CRAZY hot when I sleep.  My husband can feel my body radiate heat.  My Christeli mattress  sleeps cooler than our last bed, it relieves joint pain, and when I’m moving around my husband isn’t being disturbed. It is difficult for me to fall asleep in general.  Sometimes the pain flutters my eyes open and my body clenches so it’s hard to relax.   I have eucalyptus hand lotion, peppermint essential oil and water on my night stand to try to relax me.  I find that I tend to breathe deeper and slower with these things.  Everyone’s preference for smells is totally unique though. Sometimes they help me, other times the smell of anything makes me sicker.   I typically take my meds, drink some water, ice, and hibernate.  I lay under the blankets to eliminate more light and sound and sometimes pile pillows on top to have added pressure.  All of these things give me the needed rest that I require.  Being in pain is so grueling and giving the body a chance to recover is crucial.   I don’t think people fully understand the need for rest, sleep, and a chance to eliminate triggers.  A calm environment allows my brain to relax after being in constant overdrive in my loud, bright, motion filled life.  I need sleep, rest, and a cave.