Disney World. The Good, the Bad, and the Migraine

Disney World

Disney World!!!!!!


I went to Disney World for 3 days and I could probably write a book on it.  Instead I’m going to focus on three things. The good, the bad, and my migraine.  So let’s begin with the good……

Where to begin. Disney World is called the happiest place on earth for a reason.  If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know this is not the first time I have written about a Disney princess (A Whole New World?) I have loved all things Disney since I was a child and have been so happy to see my children fall in love all the same.  We spent an entire day at Magic Kingdom.  I had planned and saved like most families do and was eager to see how my dreams would come true for my family.

My personal favorite thing was to ride the rides.  I used to love rides but now enter them with a bit more trepidation.  I fear flashing lights, jerking motions and all those other triggers that come along with my migraines.  I also feared the weather, my diet, the stress, dehydration, and exhaustion.

But Tinker Bell sprinkled her fairy dust on me that day and I lived in a fairytale land.  I did however, prepare.  I had water bottles for all of us that I filled at every water fountain I saw.  I didn’t care about how many bathroom breaks we were going to stop at, we all were staying hydrated.  I also brought portable fans for my family that tends to sweat and me who tends to overhead.  I had snacks galore that were healthy and filling enough to stop us from stopping at every food stand we saw.  I had hats and sunglasses for everyone while we waited in the sun.

I didn’t stress at all because we were on vacation, we were together, and somehow I was feeling OK.  OK for me means super duper terrific on a day like our day at Magic Kingdom.  One of my highlights was watching my children meet the characters and waving to them at the parades. IMG_4327IMG_4332

Is there anything sweeter than a tiny hand waving at floats singing to music?  I found myself waving at everyone also, it was contagious. IMG_2246IMG_2186

I actually got to feel like a normal person that day.  I spun around in tea cups laughing and only feeling dizzy.  Feeling dizzy from your kids joyfully spinning you verses feeling dizzy from standing up on an average day is very different.

I felt shaky from my daughter “steering” a car on a track slamming from side to side and laughing from the depths of my gut.  This shaky is wonderful compared to shaking from pain masked by medication yet not masking muscle contractions.

At the end of the day I felt truly tired.  Not exhausted from fighting a migraine, tired from a long glorious day.  I was able to sing with Ariel in her grotto, the way I love to sing (Feeling better makes me sing)IMG_4360

I flew like I could fly

I flew like I had wings.  I took selfies without thinking how my smile was a mask for how I really felt.

The laughs, the joy, the magic was all from a low pain day.  From the opening song that made me feel butterflies in my stomach to the last firework that gleamed in my eye, I was feeling low pain.  Whatever it was; the adrenaline, the preventatives drugs, the preventative living, or  the intoxicating bubble of love and joy, I call it magic!

I could go on and on and on about how our day at Magic Kingdom was one of the happiest I can remember in a very long time (and I consider myself to live a happy life) but I will stop at saying it was perfect. For those of you who can’t relate to a perfect day, I thought it was impossible for myself.  But just like every perfect day comes reality.  Stay tuned for the bad and migraine party of my trip.


Christmas and holiday migraine gifts

Every year I get migraine related gifts.  Why?  Because I need them!  The cool thing is, I learn and find new products that work each year.  The wonderful thing about doing product reviews is that I have the opportunity to find some products that really work for me.  I’ve answered a few of my own questions since last year and have updated my list in ALL CAPS in the gift list from last year.

*Some links may contain affiliate links

IMG_5114 (1)

Last year I received:

“Heated neck wrap


Essential oil-  I still have not found a brand and type of oil that I’m in love with so I use a variety in my search. (I LOVE ORGANIC AROMAS! LOVE LOVE!

Yoga pants- I know it’s a running joke about wearing workout clothes out but I’m busy and if I’m dressed to move, I do.   Working out helps my migraines and sometimes escalates them so it’s a balance. (I SPORT MY PRETTY IN NINA B ROZE DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED FOR A DISCOUNT!)

Love, hope, migraine tshirt

Infusion water bottle” (SEE ORIGINIAL POST)


This year I received more migraine related gifts



Massage and heat neck massager.  I will be returning this…not a good fit for me

Heated boot socks.  I live in a snowy location and can never seem to get my hands or feet warm.  These will be well used!

“I got rid of my headache” tshirt.  Sometimes taking off my head seems like the only option

Car diffuser.  I get sick when traveling so my best friend sent me a diffuser to use with my favorite Organic Aromas oils.

I also gave and received 3photo-jpegOm products that I love!

What did you give or get that you love to treat your migraine or headache pain?


Good!Greens Giveaway for Migraine Awareness

FullSizeRender (4)

So here it is….My next Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2016


This week is all about treating yourself well and fighting Migraine with food and fitness.  During the week I will be posting about how eating Good! makes you feel better and finding what makes your body feel better physically. I find that with migraines it’s so hard to eat well, workout, and take care of myself the way I’d like.  I hope that this week is a reminder and inspiration to do the best you can!

Please follow along via newsletter, facebook, twitter and Instagram.  They all offer a variety of migraine topics.

This week I will be giving away 2 Good!Greens swag boxes given to me by Good!Greens.  Although they were provided to me, my opinions are my own and I look forward to putting a smile on two lucky winners faces!

Each box will include:

o   A Good! tshirt with slogan

o   2 Stickers

                  Who doesn’t want to spread this message?  With so much negativity surrounding us maybe you can be a reminder of the Good!

o   A water bottle

            It is recommended to drink a lot of water with dehydration being a migraine trigger.  I drink as much water as I can to prevent and recover.

o   3 Good!Greens bars

My kids love them and so do I.  I buy a variety of bars and they always ask for



“Good is a mindset that drives everything we do and make. It’s about good ingredients, good practices and good community. At Good! Greens our goal is to help everyone be their best good. Whether it’s on the playing field, at school or in work – Good is what we eat, how we care for ourselves and care for each other, and it’s the promise we bring to the world in wellness, humanitarianism and spirit. Good drives everything we do, and we encourage others to do good as well.” Good!Greens

Check out Good!Greens post on Migraines

If you’d like to order online use code migrainelife for 20%off https://shop.goodgreens.com/


How do you try to be Good!?


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Disney World. The Good, the Bad, and the Migraine

For those of you on spring break this week, here is a three part migraine story from Disney World. Remember to enjoy your time as much as possible!

My Migraine Life

Disney World                     Disney World!!!!!!


I went to Disney World for 3 days and I could probably write a book on it.  Instead I’m going to focus on three things. The good, the bad, and my migraine.  So let’s begin with the good……

Where to begin. Disney is called the happiest place on earth for a reason.  If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know this is not the first time I have written about a Disney princess (A Whole New World?) I have loved all things Disney since I was a child and have been so happy to see my children fall in love all the same.  We spent an entire day at Magic Kingdom.  I had planned and saved like most families do and was eager to see how my dreams would come true for my family.  My personal favorite thing was to ride the rides.  I…

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“What would you do if your dream of a pain and a completely symptom free life, came true?”

Life without pain? First thing I’d do is travel. I’d jump on a plane, not care what foods I packed and get off in a tropical location. It wouldn’t matter that the barometric pressure or weather was dramatically different. The sun wouldn’t bother me, I may even walk around without my sunglasses. If I was dehydrated or stressed from the flight, that’s ok, I’d drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and not need to pop pills and go lay down. I’d drink and I’d drink a lot. Red wine? Why not? I have never been able to drink it, so bring me a bottle. And while you are at it, bring me all of my trigger foods. I would lay out in the sun and not have sensitivity to the heat and read all day because the words wouldn’t be blurred in pain. Maybe I’d go shopping. I would have more money since I wouldn’t be spending it at the doctor’s office and I would have a ton of room in my suitcase since it wouldn’t be filled with medications and other various therapies. After my long day of eating and drinking I would go dancing. The louder the music, the better. Strobe lights would be fun if they didn’t make me feel like I was going to pass out. No worries, I would be pain free, drunk, and unrestricted. I would stay up all night. Sleep deprivation wouldn’t trigger a migraine, so why not? The next morning I’d wake up and not assess my pain level. I wouldn’t have plan A (what I’d like to do today) and plan B (what I’m missing today). I’d drink coffee because I like it, not because it helps speed up my meds. I’d call everyone I know and speak really loudly. My brain wouldn’t be unpredictable and foggy. I wouldn’t feel like I was yelling inside my head. Then I’d head to a CAVS event. Maybe even a really exciting game where the jumbo-tron is alive and the crowd noise is being pumped up. While I was there I’d drink a draft beer. I haven’t been able to drink those in years, and it would accompany my energetic sporting event well. On the way home the street lights wouldn’t flash like auras in my eyes. I’d be tired but the excitement of the day wouldn’t send me into a tail spin.
Living pain and symptom free would be completely foreign for me. I’d go a bit crazy for a short time, I think. I’d have to rebel a little bit after being restricted for so many years. That is, if not drinking enough water and enjoying the sun and a basketball is rebellious. But once I calmed down, I’d enjoy just the little things. A 3D movie or anything super high definition I have never seen. I can’t work out at the intensity or duration that I would like to. Even concerts have become more and more difficult for me to attend (even in the grass). Small things I guess. But it’s the small things that I appreciate now, with the pain, that makes me live my life to the fullest. I appreciate each pain free or less moments with my family. I am able to sit quietly and breathe in my kid’s sweetness because I don’t know when I’m going to be rushed away with a migraine attack. Do I stress about the small things, yes of course, I’m human. But when my health is unpredictable I live cherishing the moments. If I was pain free would I still live like that? I wonder….but I may never know.

Migraine gifts

IMG_5114 (1)

This year for Christmas, I got a migraine!  Well, actually I got 4 days of insane nausea (including throwing up) plus tons of pain EVERYWHERE!  This did not come as a surprise to me.  I had traveled the weekend prior to different climates and came home to stress with my family that completely threw me over the edge.  So I spent my Christmas Eve, Christmas, both before and after the way I spend most holidays (smiling on the outside and really battling inside).

So today is the first day I’ve been well enough to look through my gifts and reflect.  I got some great gifts that I thought I’d share.  None of these I am sponsored by and have tried to refrain from showing brands.   Here’s what I got for My Migraine Life:

  1. Heated neck wrap-  I use both heat and ice for different reasons.   I already have this neck wrap but got another one because I use it so often.  My old one has broken down over time and once I find  things I love, I tend to buy them again.  I love the weight on my shoulders and neck.  I even lay it on my face and head for sinus pressure.
  2. Headphones-  My husband bought these for me and I am excited to use them!  I don’t like ear buds.  I have a small head and the buds hurt my ears.  So I got some headphones that will reduce noise, are super comfy, and will help me while I fly.  I’m so sensitive to noise and know I will use them a ton.  If you notice, my headphones and water bottle are purple which is the Migraine Awareness color.
  3. Essential oil-  I still have not found a brand and type of oil that I’m in love with so I use a variety in my search.  The kind I received is in a roller that I will keep in my purse.  It has a pleasant smell that I can use to distract me from heavily saturated smelly places and on my pressure points to help me relax.  I currently have one and use it often when I’m out and feel my migraine raising.
  4. Yoga pants- I try to move and stretch my body as much as possible.  As a stay at home mom and woman who fits in a workout where she can, I live in workout pants.  I know it’s a running joke about wearing workout clothes out but I’m busy and if I’m dressed to move, I do.   Working out helps my migraines and sometimes escalates them so it’s a balance.
  5. Love, hope, migraine tshirt- I have been trying to support migraine awareness by wearing clothing that talk about migraines.  I have supported foundations and received tshirts and I have received ones like this that have the word migraine on it.  I like to wear these clothes in hopes that someone will ask me about migraine awareness or feel comfortable to talk to me about their situation.  Just wearing a tshirt  brings awareness.
  6. Infusion water bottle-  I try to drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.  I get sick of water!  I got an amazing infusion water bottle with recipes to flavor my water naturally.  When I buy flavored water I see ingredients that I don’t know and what I don’t know about ingredients usually triggers me.  I’m excited to be putting real natural flavors into my water!  I know my kids will love it too!

While I was sick at Thanksgiving and at Christmas I know I’ll live to fight another day.  I’m lucky my family is thoughtful enough to give me some tools to fight more.

What did you get for Christmas that may help?



I love to travel. I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world and unlucky enough to have migraines in many of those places. I have learned many lessons. Today, I woke up at 5am to embark on a trip to meet my husband for a weekend away without our kids. My first trigger I couldn’t control was sleep. My mother in law and mom are sharing child care for my children for the weekend. My mother in law was kind enough to travel up for the weekend and arrived last night. By the time I got the kids to bed and we chatted a bit I got to bed at about 11:30pm. At 2:00 am my daughter woke up with leg cramps and by the time I comforted her and fell back asleep I got about an hour of sleep. I wasn’t anticipating getting much sleep with the anxiety of leaving my kids for the weekend anyways, so oh well. On the way to the airport I chugged a big bottle of water and took a Sudafed. I never realized how much my sinuses contributed to my head pain until about 3 years ago. I saw an ENT and he told me I had had a sinus infection, from his guess, for months. Since then I have had sinus surgery and tried to be more aware of how congestion triggers my migraines. I grabbed a cup of coffee and boarded the plane. Caffeine helps some people and triggers others. I am one that it helps.  The woman that sat down next to me had apparently taken a bath in perfume before she boarded the plane and brought trigger #2 to me. I put up my wall of defense by putting my hoodie up and over my nose as I politely looked out the window. Hoodies act as my armor. I wear them because they are not only comfy but when the hood is up it helps shield peripheral light and sound. It, combined with my huge sunglasses is practically a uniform for me. I grabbed a glass of water every time the flight attendant walk by. No ice, it grosses me out on airplanes. The perfume lady went to the bathroom twice and each time came back and lotioned her hands with more perfume laced lotion. I didn’t have children to entertain and worry about, I packed healthy non trigger snacks and my stress was low beyond that. At my layover I got lunch and another huge water. It was $5.00 but worth keeping me hydrated. Plus, I saved it to reuse for my trip. (Not that I didn’t already have one packed in my suitcase too.) I had a long layover but by the time I ate lunch, talked to my best friend, texted another, checked on the kids, shopped and walked around a bit, I was ready to board again. This time it was a small plane for a short ride. As we boarded, my stress level began to rise with the increase in temperature. The ground air was not working for the plane and it was what felt like 100 degrees or so. My head immediately filled with throbbing pain. I took off my hoodie, closed my eyes and started calmly taking slow breathes. Staying calm about the rising pain is an important key to keeping in control. When I panic it comes on faster and more intensely. Of course, our plane had to wait in line and we sat in our sweltering seats for about 20 minutes. I was so glad I had drank so much water and praised myself for controlling the triggers that I could knowing there are many I can’t. Not to get too graphic, but as we ascended, the man behind me had gas and forced us to boil in his stench. I actually wished for the perfume lady to come back. Once we got in the air and the smell dissipated it was a quick flight but my head was starting to give way to the building triggers. As I exited the plane I braced myself for the change in weather. As you can imagine the temperature and barometric pressure is a bit different from Cleveland to California. Here came another trigger. I got my luggage and sat outside breathing in the fresh air I needed all day. I then took a pain pill, a deep breath and arrived at the hotel. A success, I made it! Not to say that a migraine wouldn’t be triggered by that night or next day, but my travel was done for the day. Oh the joys of traveling.

So in summary, here are the things I controlled:

Hydration. Water, water, water

Caffeine. Not too much, not to little but just right.

Medicating. I often times wait too long to take meds because I hate taking so many pills. I was proactive in taking my Sudafed and reactive in taking my pain pill.

Stress. I was fortunate to avoid a lot of stressful things that traveling often brings (I got my luggage and my flights arrived as scheduled, yeah!). But when I did feel stressed I meditated and breathed through it

Food.   I chose a burrito with no trigger foods and packed healthy snacks. No Chinese for me with the possibility of msg!

Exercise. I didn’t workout but I made sure to take a few laps around the concourse to get my endorphins slightly raised and blood flowing.


Things I couldn’t avoid:

Sleep. I would have liked to but it just didn’t happen





Things I got lucky enough not to encounter:

Lights and noise. No screaming babies, no glaring sun through windows.  I got lucky!