I want to be very clear that my site contains affiliate links.  If you follow these links and go on to purchase, I will be paid a small commission while your cost will be the same. In fact, many times you will be provided with an extra discount just for using my link as a reference.   

I only mention products/services that I personally use and love.  If I find a product that does not work for me, I will not tell you about it.  My goal is to find a product that I think will benefit you, as it has done for me and be compensated to reinvest in my blog to help more!  Win Win

The products/services on this page contain affiliate links and are items I highly recommend and use in my home and for myself.  The products on my review page are things I recommend and may have been given for a review and may or may not have affiliate links.  These are things I’ve tried and also feel valuable to my health.

Please remember that I am not a doctor and seeking medical advice is advised (disclaimer).

Axon optics migraine glasses 

Natural Relief

SensaCalm weighted blanket


Organic Aromas-essential oils and diffuser

Aromafloria– body care and aromatherapy products

IMG_7300 (1)

Headache Hat-ice therapy hat/headband


not an affiliate, just in LOVE!

Sprinly -vegan meal delivery

Use code REF7LVIUO2MLV for $20 off!!!


ImmunizeLABS-nasal spray


EnviroKlenz-for chemically sensitive


9 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. Thank you for your reviews! I just ordered a Headache Hat and used your discount code. I am so sick of lying in a puddle as my ice pack melts over my face. I can’t wait to try it out.


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